tube suggestion

need some help. want to replace stock tube in cal sigma 2. any sugestions would be appreciated. i listen to a variety of music. looking for warmth and detail without being too veilled. thanks
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According to what Kevin Deal of Upscale told me, the most commonly requested tube for the Cal DAC's is the Mullard. This is not to say that it is the best or that you will like it though. Most are probably purchased through suggestions like this i.e. word of mouth. One guy tried it and liked it so he tells his friends and so on.... Sean
Zonus- I have tried the Mullards, Teles', GE 5 Stars and Dutch Amperex in my CAL Alpha and the Amperex are what I stayed with.
Sean- It seems that Kevin Deal recommends Mullards for everything. He said the same thing to me when I asked for suggestions for my C-J PV11. Personally, I find Mullards too vailed.
I find the Mullards a bit veiled too. I also like the Amperex for a full bodied clean sound.
thanks for the advice. any thoughts on where i can score a couple of tubes? im thinking upscale audio or parts connection.

try the Tube Store - or 1-877-570-0979.
Zonus: You will also want to research the 5751 tube (as well as 12AX7's) for this DAC. Recommendations for both may be obtained by searching the tube and digital forums @ ( From the descriptions there you will be able to limit the possible choices, (being dependent on what type of sound it is that you are looking for).