Suggestion for an AV processor/pre amp ???

I am looking for a pre-amp/av processor and looking your input. I dont need the latest and greatest i could do with either a new, ex demo, or decent but recent enough used pre-amp.

I mainly am 70% home theater and 30% music. The room is 13x13x8ftH. I dont have blue ray, thats not to say I wont get it. I mainly use my media player and my HD DVR cable box. For me its more about the sound.

I have a 7.1 ch NAD T973. I am thinking of getting the CM9s, CMC2, and CM1 rears so thats what it will be powering!

What I want!
Good sound mainly!
I dont know what pre-amp to get, not sure i need the latest and greatest. I just want good sound, i dont need all the bells and whistles as they say, being able to upgrade the AVP would be a major plus!!
Something reliable!
I dont mind getting something thats now sold as ex demo or new in box but an older model to get a great deal!
Something reliable would be good! Better internal components etc such as in the NAD M series!

Ok so here is what I myself kinda short listed;
NAD M15 (cant afford the HD2)
T-175 HD

I like the reviews on Anthems but I dont know what to go for there! Like I said I dont mind older units, they may not have the latest thing and thats nt a breaker for me. I also use components so HDMI is not an absolute either. I am ok with digital coaxial and fibre optic so HDMI video only is fine!

Any help much appreciated, let me know your thoughts and ill source the items!