Tube Rolling with 6SN7 tubes...?

Which tubes would you guys recommend for a Cary SLP-98 preamp for someone who values vocals the most?

The tighter the vocals, the more tubey the sound, the better for me! I want something dense and that I can sink my teeth into.

Let me know... and the cheaper the tube, the better. Also, let me know of good places to buy the tubes on the 'net.

5692 RCA "red bases" have a seductive and sweet midrange. They do not, however, allow for higher plate voltages (which means that if a GTB is reccomended because of higher plate voltages, the tube life of the red base will be shortened). NOS Sylvanias and RCA's are plentiful at reasonable cost. The KenRad's in my opinion have the best bass control. The Tung-Sol round plates are the all round winner, hands down, but, unless you happen upon them serendipitously, expect to pay through your nose for them. By all means, try as many as you can, tube rolling is fun! Happy Listening.
Here are a few options.
RCA VT-231, I think the Grey glass tubes are closser to what you want than the black glass.
National Union, I prefer the black glass but think from your post the grey glass again would work for you.
The CBS brown base has a sweet midrange.
The KenRad VT-231 has a nice midrange and very good bass.
The Brimar CV1988 has a nice midrange also.
You can go and do a search in the amplification forum for a thread titled
The 6sn7 reference thread
It has about as much info on these tubes (and all 6sn7 tubes) as you will need.
...and here... that 'N7 reference thread.
If you like the sound of the Sylvania tubes these are both drop ins for the 6sn7s that sound at least as good (I think better) than there 6sn7 counterparts. They can be found for 8-15 bucks.
7N7 and 7AF7 try a few.
I just purchased a set of 4 (er, 5... 1 for backup) of NOS Sylvania 6SN7GTA for the Cary 98.

I'm also going to get a demo of the Rogue 99 preamp and test it in my system later today to see if I can get that "darker" sound. Thanks guys!

i have a preamp that uses 6sn7 in the line stage. i too have been wrestling with generating a particular sonic palette.

i got advice from charles at Vacuum Tube Valley. He sent me many tubes to audition before settling on a 60's tungsol.

unfortunately, based upon my experience, it is necessary to listen to the tubes and not accept the experience of others, who, although well intentioned, don't have your ears or your brain.

find an accomodating dealer and listen. Perhaps Vacuum Tube Vally will work with you. Tubes are not inexpensive, especially certain brands.