Tube recommendations for Jolida JD1000A integrated

Wondering if there are any Jolida JD1000A users out there. I would like to hear what tubes you're using in your amp and also if you're using tube dampers. My amp has been modified by The Parts Connexion and has SED EL34 output tubes and EH 12AT7's and EH 12AX7's.
I just swapped out the EH 12AT7's and 12AX7's for a pair of Tung-Sol 12AX7's and a pair of Jan-Philips 12AT7's. I also installed tube dampers (Herbie's Hal-O's) on all of the tubes including the EL34's. The amp doesn't sound as good as it did with the EH input/driver tubes and no tube dampers. I'm going to start undoing what I did a step at a time to see what part of it I'm hearing that I don't care for.
Just curious what recommendations any of you might have for me as to the best tubes to use and whether you have any experience with tube dampers on this amp. This amp seems like it has the ability to knock my socks off if I can get it set up right. Lot's of power...I'd just like to sweeten it up if I can.
Thanks for any advice!
What did you have the Parts Connexion do to your amp?
I just bought this amp from another Agon member. He's the one that had it modified by The Parts Connexion. I didn't print out a copy of the ad and it looks like we can't access closed ads by item number so I can't give you the laundry list of what was done to it though it was an extensive modification according to the sellers ad. Without having the list in front of me I can't tell you all that was done to the amp.
Don't own your amp but if you can swing it I love the JJ EL 34s for output tubes beautiful midrange boost but not a strong bottom end. The Input tubes can be sweetened as a general rule by using real 1960s Mullards or even Brimars which can be noisy and distort get them only from a reliable source, they are less consitent. If you want more air and delicacy try the 5751s in place of the 12AX7s. Sylvania gold pin or plain gold are the holy grail but getting very expensuive and highly sought after, the triple mica 5751s either RCA or GE 5 star are very good. Good luck.