Tube Recommendations for C-J PV10B/MV55 Combo

I wonder whether newer tubes (EL34 and 12AX7) tubes would give me just as good sound or reasonnalby good sound at far lower cost than Bugle Boys, for example. I have Bugle boys in my NYAL Moscode Minuet preamp, and one is pretty noisy).

Anyways, my main question is: For my Conrad-Johnson PV10B and MV55 preamp/amp combo, would Winged "C" EL34's be more transparent (and provide fuller bass) than my current Shuguang EL34's? Maybe even the economical Electro Harmonix could be worthwhile, despite the negative press it gets from some people. Any recommendantions as to newer, decent 12AX7?

Any recommendations welcome...

Also regarding cabling: Would the Anti-Cable interconnects with Eichmann plugs be more suitable for the CJ preamp and amp than Nordost Red Dawn?

My speakers are DIY Scan-Speak d'Appolito configuration (2 7-inch woofers)