Tube preamp

I'm currently using a Dared SL2000A preamp to feed my audiosector gainclone solid state amp. I really love the this hybrid setup, but I've been getting the upgrade bug lately and I think that the Dared is the weakest link in the system and am looking to upgrade to better tube preamp under $1500 used or new. Right now the contenders are:

Rogue 99
quicksilver linestage
aes ae-3 mkii

any other suggestions?
What is the input impedance of the Audiosector?
The AES AE-3 is really fantastic in my all tube set up. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with it. There is one thing you need to know however which is that the sound is highly dependent upon the 6SN7s you use. If you are not interested in rolling tubes it may not make you happy. OTOH if you like collecting and trying out different tubes this pre is for you.
I am very happy with my Cary SLP03 tube pre. Lots of inputs and even a cinema bypass.
Quicksilver makes two models, remote and non remote. I have owned both and I like the non remote better,it uses 12ax7 tubes,the remote uses 6dj8 tubes. You can get these preamps used for about $600.
Modwright's lower priced line stage (9.0, IIRC) would come it at under that $$. Not exactly the "tubiest" of tube pres but pretty neutral and you get great customer service to boot (not knocking any of the other manufacturers but just noting my experience.)
I am leaning towards the quicksilver 12AX7 version. It goes for about half the price of the rogue 99. I'm sure the 99 is better, but not $500 better. What do you guys think?
Yah go ahead and try it. The worst thing would be that you don't like it for whatever reason. Then you can sell it for what you paid for it and get the AE-3 I like so much. You can get the right tubes from any number of sources honest. BTW I was always interested in Mapletree myself, his stuff seems so down to earth and really unique.