Tube or solid state for Paradigm Studio 100 V2s

Ok I need some advice. I have the Paradigms coming shortly. The first thing that I am going to upgrade is the preamp/amp. I have been leaning towards a hybrid solution such as the Bryston 4B-ST and a tube preamp such a Rogue or Blue Circle. My room size is not super large (15x20 or so) and my music taste is varied. I love classical, opera and even some new age and pop. If I had to weigh having better mids and give up on the tighter bass of solid state amps I would pick the mids. I don't mind the bass being a little fatter or less defined. Can people please comment on using tube amps with these Paradigms. They are relatively efficient so it might be ok with 60-80 watts of tube. I am also curious about the VTL IT 85 as an integrated solution. Maybe I could add a second amp later for biamping these monstors. Thanks to all.....great forum.
I have the Paradigms Studio 100 V2. I have not tried them with a tube power amp but with solid state, it takes a good 200 watts to make them sing. I think that your combination of Bryston 4B-ST and the tube preamp should be excellent. The best thing is to try all the combinations and pick what your ears like best. Also it depends on what kind of volume you need to be satisfied. Good luck!

Thanks for the response. What are you using for the amp/preamp in your system? Any comments on the Studio 100 V2s? Just curious.
I also have Paradigm Studio 100 (first version) and I use them with Yamaha MX-1 and CX-1 combination..the bass must be down to 25 hz and my room is really small..I like Paradigms a lot..I had a chance to listen to KEF 207 today which are sold for 9000 £ (13 500 USA $)..To say the truth Paradigm's had a deeper bass..The KEF sounded more natural though..But for god's sake it was ten times more expensive than my Paradigms!!!!!
I also have the 100 v2's. I started with a Marsh a400s amp (200w/ch) and a Music Fidelity A3CR preamp (both ss). This was a very good clean (if a tiny bit bright) sound. I got a deal on a used BAT VK3i preamp (tube) and tried it. I a-b'ed it with several audio friends and we all agreed that the BAT was better. Next I tried a Plinius 8200P amp (175w/ch, also ss). This was also good but in my opinion not an improvement, so I stayed with the Marsh and BAT. The Plinius and the MF now run my bedroom system with a pair of Paradigm Export Monitors. I have not tried a tube amp, but am lusting after a BAT VK-60 to give it a whirl. I do like the sound of the 100 v2's. Good luck with yours.
I got the v.1 100s and have used them with a Carver amp, Marantz Mono Blocks, a few different recievers, and have settled down with the Anthem Amp 2 which is a hybrid amp (tube input stage). Of all the amps used, the Anthem is my favorite, followed closely with the Marantz Ma500s (bi-amped). It took a little getting used to going from ss to tube, but I am hooked on this Anthem Amp (SE model has been sold here for roughly $1K...a great deal IMO). In all my experience with the 100s, they DO need some juice to get them moving, no matter what the effeciency reads.

I think you'd love the tube sound with these speakers as tubes are best for mid/highs as is the 100s (especially the v.2). If you do indeed do tubes, trust me and get as much power as you can afford, or go with a hybrid solution which will give the best of both worlds (at least the Anthem gives the best of both IMO). The Paradigms sound like ass when not sufficiently powered.

Good luck with it.

I'm have the Studio 80s (I tried the 100s and prefer the 80s) & a Servo 15 sub and I'm using a Rogue Audio 99 Magnum Preamp with 2 Odyssey Audio Stratos amps in a bi-amp configuration. I am very happy with the sound. I was using a single Odyssey Audio Stratos but got a deal on the second one I could not pass up. I think you'd be very please with the Rogue/Odyssey combo. You could even go with the Rogue 66 Magnum with good results if the 99 Magnum isn't in your budget. I auditioned a 66 Magnum and was pleased with the performance but wanted both a phono stage and a remote controlled volume and the 66 cannot support's one or the other. Good luck and good listening.
I've never had the 100's, but have had a host of others in the paradigm line. I had an anthem pre amp biamping with parasounds amps. It sounded good, but not as good as the anthem integrated I tried. My guess is you would be very happy with a combo such as the anthem pre 2L biamped with MCA2's. Your room seems a little on the small size for such a large speaker, so I'm guessing you'll want really loud sound, otherwise you would have chosen the 60's? I'm sure the 100's will do just fine with 60-80 watts, but don't be afraid to give them 200 wpc or even more.
To answer your question, Brucelk, I have the Moon Titan and the Bryston SP-1. I used to have the Moon W-3 which is a fine amp but the Titan has just what the doctor ordered for the Paradigms.
Thanks to all for the response and equipment suggestions. I will try listening to both the Bryston and a tube amp with the Paradigms to see what works best. Any comments on the Music Referance RM-9? It is a more powerfull EL34 equipped amp (80-100 watts)and I can probably get one used fairly easily. I know Roger Modjeski and trust his designs for reliability but his amps may be a little analytical sounding. The room is a little bright already and the last thing I want is a really hot/sizzling high end. The room sounds a little small I know but at times I like things fairly loud and the room is open at both ends to the rest of the house so I think the Paradigms will be fine. I'll keep the forum posted on my adventures.
With the Paradigm 100's v2 it would be a very safe bet to consider a Classe amplifier. The place I would start is the used market, I've run these fine speakers with both a DR-15 and a Model Ten. The results are amazing, remember please that Classe gear is extremely high current with the ability to drive any low impedance lodspeaker made (just ask any Apogee owner what's best for panels). If you have the reserves, the ideal of the new line of Classe gear would be the 201 @ 200 watts per channel. I have tried a Bryston 4b, as well as a number of other high quality amplifiers and nothing else has driven the 100's to such a high degree of perfection.
I drive them with the McCormack DNA225 power amplifier, great results. I like also classical music and Opera (more than 1200 cds of classical music and Opera !) and I like vocals with that combination. I have had also the curiosity of listening to my Paradigms with tube amplifier, I love the sound of tubes. Now: since the Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v.2 are bi-wirables, I am considering also a hybrid solution, I have heard praisings about it: drive the woofers with a ss amp (just like my McCormack DNA225) and drive the middle and tweeters with a tube amp just like the Hurricanes, they say that way you get the best of both worlds. I think for that is necessary an external crossover, which are availables "tube" also. Looking forward your comments, best regards, Antonio Machado.
I only really liked SS with my 100.2s but the Cary SLI80 did sound mighty fine. If you do go with tubes, I would try to get at least 60W or so from my experience. BTW, if you like the tube sound, I wouldn't give the Bryston top priority. Good luck! Arthur