Tube Home Theater PreAmp?

Why hasn't anyone made a HT Tube preamp? THey should. I know I would be interested.
Or a tube prepreamp to be attached to a SS DD/DTS preamp.
Many tube line stages have "HT pass-through" where the volume control is out of the signal path via the source selector switch. The trick is to find one that can be used for such a purpose and NOT need to be powered on for such an application. I heard rumors the Modwright is such a unit but have not read anything definitive on this. Had my BAT 31SE had such capability, I would have kept it for my HT system as it was so superior to the B&K processor for music.
Fosgate makes a VERY expensive one, and Copland makes one, the CVA306... . The latter contains 1 12AX7 per channel and has an output impedance of less than 600 Ohms.

Conrad-johnson has just announced one, the MET-1, . I shudder to think what IT costs, but I'll bet it's the best-sounding of the bunch!
Jeffreybehr is telling it all
The Modwright has to be on to use the pass through. I confirmed this with Dan last week.
Spudco: Does the Modwright need to be powered on to be used in pass-through mode?
Check out the McIntosh C2200
YES: The Modwright must be powered on to use the pass through.
Mapletree Audio Design makes a 5 channel tube preamp called the Line 5 SE Modular Series Multi-Channel Line Preamplifier. Of course, you would need a HT processor.
"Of course, you would need a HT processor."

No, one needs something to decode digital signals and set levels and distances. DVD players do that. There's no HT pre/pro in my multichannel-audio/HT system.
How about the new Conrad Johnson multichannel tube pre. Looks like a force to reckon with.