Tube Dampers

I am considering tube dampers for my preamp. Two issues that I have repeatedly heard: 1) The damper should dissipate heat and not reflect it back into the tube 2) Dampers may tighten up the sound too much making my preamp sound too analytical and sterile. Comments please? Happy Tunes!
Try the cheap clear damper rings from Audio Research. If you don't like the sound you are not out big bucks. I like what they did in my system. They should make the biggest difference in a system that really moves alot of air. Also try a Bright Star Audio Air Mass under your pre amp, as well as your CD player. Isolation seems to be the most overlooked "tweek", every one is into the AC( power cords and conditioning) thing right now as the hot topic. I'm not to say that isn't important. If you have real bass you NEED to isolate and damp vibration. Try it!
If you want the best for your preamp tubes (e.g. 6922s or the like)try and find the Tophat tube damper from the former Rightway Audio Company. Be patient, for these are not easy to find used and are not cheap either, but there are none better than these, trust me!

Happy hunting.
No, trust ME! Do a search on Auiodgon for hal-o.
Gotta love a dealer who is passionate about his products!
Dealer? Gawd, I hope not! I only own a pair and I like 'em. Think I'll buy summore's.
Woops, sorry Travis. No slander intended, I mis-interpreted.
Not only is Steve a great guy, he gives you 90 DAYS! to be sure you like the product! I have three sets of them on my tubes. two on my Siemens E88CC on the preamp, two on my CCa on the amp, & two on my 6CG7 input tubes! Things get tight and crystal clear. Stick them on and leave them alone for a few days. Then pull them off. I'll bet you'll miss them a LOT soon as you fire it back up w/o them.