6h30 tubes dampers to replace Audio Research ones

Hell all
i have bought a ref110 which doesn’t have the black rings on the 6h30 tubes. So they are naked...
where to buy them ?
i know some people speak about Herbie’s ones, but i don’t want to make my sound clearer , as even if my ref cd7 is on the analog side, the sound coming from my maggies mg1.7i is everything except too warm.

i still have the black rings in my cd7, maybe move them to the ref110 and put somethig else in the cd player ?
or just find something for the ref110 but what and were ?
thank you guys

I have had both an LS26 and now a REF5se, and on the LS26 I tried Herbies and one other that escapes me now and wound up using the ARC original dampers. What I do though, is replace them every 8000 hours or 2nd tube change. I figure any rubber product loses some of its original properties with heat and the dry climate I live in.
I think Stereophile still rates them as a good damper. Also I forget the exact measurements but placement location on the tube is a contributor to their performance. You might look at ARCs website for that information.

just my opinion of course
Tried both the stock ARC and Herbies. If you haven’t tried the Herbies they’re better. As far as placement I always preferred them close to the top as you can get them. I found farther down you go you lose the magic.

Not only that, but all (rpt all) other Tube dampers hurt the sound 🤕, including but not limited to silicon rings, ebony dampers, brass dampers, Swiss Ensemble woven copper sleeves, Tube Socks, and Tube Coolers (metal fins). Almost all dampers really are perfect examples of expectation bias in action.
I have a small drawer full of tube dampers and have pretty much tried them all.

My favorite is the EAT Cool Damper.  Unfortunately, they are big enough, (and kinda expensive) that the use in some gear is limited.  The ones I use the most are the Herbie Tube dampers.  GREAT tweek for the money.

I agree that "some" tube equipment sounds better without damping, but for the majority of gear that I have owned, (which is a LOT), I like what the dampers do.

If the OP would like, I think I have a few of the ARC dampers that I have never used.  Pretty sure they are clear, not black.  I would be more that happy to send him a few for free.

IMHO, they are one of my least favorite tube dampers.
Thank you very much for all your answers, very nice.
what i dont want is to move the needle to a clearer sound losing warmth..... But make a fuller sound could be good.....
So time to vote :
1- Leave the black ARC ones in the cd7 and put Herbie’s in the ref 110
2- Leave the black ARC ones in the cd7 and put ARC ones (given kindly by mofimadness) in the ref 110
3- Move the black ones from cd7 to ref110 snd put Herbie’s in the cd7

i thank you all 

It is of utmost importance that you source the rings from Audio Research.
The right rings for the right mode/vintage of your amp.  Some were transparent silicon recent ones are made of cryogenically treated and quantum enhanced black diamond amorphous material with precisely calculated heat conductivity.
You must slide them in top down and seat them right at 1/2mm above center of gravity of that particular specimen.
Best of luck.
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