Tube Dampers on the Herron phono preamp?

Will using tube dampers (I'm considering Herbies Halo dampers) on the miniature 12ax7 tubes inside a Herron VTPH phono preamp make a sonic improvement? Because the 12ax7 tubes are so small I'm skeptical about wheather there will be any difference using these dampers. Thanks
Have you read the reviews on Herbies website? Have you specifically read the review where the reviewer actually has Herron equipment and talks about their effect? I have them on my Herron VTSP-1A/166 and like what they did for it.

I'm also using the top of the line Herbies Halo Dampers on my CAL Alpha with two 12AX7 C9 Shuguang Tubes, and I'm happy with the combo. I've honestly not noted any drastic differences with the Dampers in place with these tubes, but the differences may be more evident with other tubes?

These particular tubes appeared dead quiet from the get go. I would assume the Dampers should help lessen any possible microphonics. Mark
I'm using Hal-O dampers on my NOS Amperex 7308's in my Herron VTSP-2 preamp. They made a subtle improvement with these tubes, and also with the slightly fatter stock Electro-Harmonix 6922's. I have the top-of-line "PEEK" black ringed dampers.
Mapleshade tube anchors are also worth checking out, imparting more clarity and transparancy, also acting as shields when using the ground wires. The size of the tube is not the issue. The resolution of the system is, of course, critical in how much you hear the potential improvement.