Tube combos for a jolida 302B

I am new to the world of tube audio and I listen primairly to classic rock, and blues. What tube combos would you recomend for a Joida 302b?
Can you tell us what comes from the factory, both type and brand?
The stock tubes are Chinese.

Jolida recommended to me the Svetlana EL34's and the JAN Phillips input tubes. They told me that the Tesla tubes tended to vibrate with a resonance in the unit. The Sovtec's are also OK for output. I don't know about NOS, but you should probably do a search on Audio Asylum.
I have a Jolida 302 in an office system. The stock Jolida tubes sound BAD. I have Svetlana EL34's and they sound excellent. The driver tubes for the 302 overlap with my main rig so I have tried a fair number of rare NOS input tubes. Decent NOS does make a difference but don't go hog wild. The amp has limitations that make the best NOS a waste.
In general, I find the Shuguang tubes in the Jolida to give the amp a slow, recessed sound.

For the power tubes, either Svetlana or JJ tubes are a worthwhile upgrade. Despite what Jolida has said, I really like the JJ(Tesla/Teslovak) E34L in this amp. I find it is an excellent EL34 in general, and really improves what is already a fantastic amplifier. The Svetlana are more warm and lush to me. The JJ are more open and fast. I don't have any experience with ElectroHarmonix EL34, but perhaps others can submit an opinion.

Anything that you go with from Europe(current or NOS) or USA will be an improvement over the stock input tubes.

You really can't mess this one up.
I use a full set of el 84 and at7's in my vtl tiny triodes.The teslas are not the last word word in warm sounding but if you are like me and want to ride the "equatorial boundary" between tube sweet and solid state transient attack these are the way to go.Keep in mind that I use a different amp.Cheers