Tube amp match for Polk SDA-1C's???

Picking up a set of Polk SDA-1C's. What would be a good match for them?? Will 8 watt SET drive them? Anybody with these speakers using tubes? Know the efficiancy? Thanks
Beretta9, how many drivers are in this speaker? I have an old pair of SRS 2.3tls and use Classe with MIT cables. All Polk speakers are generally very efficient but but the SRS series really sing with a high current amp. I have a tube pre but haven't tried a tube amp with mine.
Hi Pops; There are 6 driver in each. 2 tweeters and 4 mid-bass drivers. Also a 12" passive woofer radiator. No one has been able to help with amp matching. Thanks for the help.
Is this one of the ones with the cable that runs in between the two speakers? You need to be very careful as they require a common ground so that means no bridges amps and monoblocks are not a good idea. I used to have a pair of the SDA-1s and tried driving them with an NAM intergrated which pooped out in the current department and shut down. I would say tubes are a BAD idea and you probably want to look at something with at least 100 watts and can throw a lot of current. Probably the opposite direction of how you would like to go.
Ditch the speakers.If your speakers dont allow the use of tibes effectivly.Move on.Look at Coincident.