true confession

my brother was in town so he wanted to hear my new configuration. we had been out shooting that morning[ with ear protection of course] and very hot so i was not paying much attention. he listened for a few minutes and made some obligatory comments about how good it sounded then asked me a few probing questions about the image. i gave a very detailed explanation of what i thought i had achieved with my latest breakthrough mods and placement. after he headed back to kansas i walked thru the room and saw the mono light was on!!!! i guess when i handed him the remote one of us inadvertantly had hit the button. i called him and demanded he turn around and bactrack 50 miles to listen again. hahahah. anybody else got a story like this? i felt like a idiot....but he is used to humoring me. ha
I am not saying you did not notice it, but I would have known immediately that my system had changed and the sound was not acceptable. I know my system thoroughly. It would have only taken me fifteen to twenty seconds to spot that.

I hope you had some great demo material available when he got back!
Just this weekend I had a new friend over, (Liz's nephew actually) and he wanted me to demo my projector as its a dual use system. Anyway he was going on about the sound and the image size but it sounded off lto me but we were buzzed so no big deal. After he gushed and went home I saw my tube buffer came unplugged, it controls only mids and tweets on my biamped mains. So the center, surrounds, sub and woofers of mains were good but a large portion of sound was not there. It was cable DVR comedy on screen so it passed but was a bit odd. I wanted to have him come back and hear it aswell lol.
my only excuse was we had been shooting for an hour in 100 degree sun. i notice things immediatly usually but not with sunstroke and slightly ringing ears. hahah that's my story and i,m sticking to it!
I had a friend over to check out the sound of an all tube setup because he had never heard one before. Right in the middle of the first album, an EL-34 on one of the monoblocks fried and I didn't have a replacement for it.
Blowing a tube for a newbie, now THERE is a proper introduction to using tube gear.

I have a nice tube amp in my closet, hardly ever gets played now as I like my other amp better. Can't sell it, but I could give it away as a "here is great sound you bastard" to the right friend or relative... except that when tubes start to blow or drift, would they know what to do? It's not a gift if it's a chore.
Funny that Tom refers to monophonic playback as "not acceptable"; I find mono superior to stereophonic reproduction.
If its recorded in stereo it should be enjoyed the same way, mono can sound great too if it was recorded that way. Just my opinion.
Hot, I suggest double up on hearing protection. Plugs -and- phones. I don't enjoy shooting in the heat, I rarely get a chance to shoot these days anyway. If your ears are ringing, and I've been there, you are risking future problems that could end your enjoyment of music. -take care!
blkadr, you are right. i had enough protection for my guns [.38 and .380]but there was a guy there that pulled out a hand cannon that was LOUD. my ears were slightly ringing which i,m usually very careful about since going to a ted nugent concert in 77 that caused my ears to ring for 2 days. i,m going to get some headphones like you recommend. i never go duck hunting [small blinds] or concerts anymore without ear plugs.
viridian, in mono the soundstage was right between the magnepans and when i put the stereo mode on the image opened across the entire end of the room. i have read about people enjoying the beatles and other recordings that were done in mono. is this what you are refering to? thanks , because in my room i don,t think you would have preferred the mono set on.
Thanks Hotmail, I'll take your word for it; you were there, I was not. But to answer your question, no that's not what I was referring to. I simply find mono to be more natural no matter if the original recording was recorded in mono, or not.

I simply don't hear imaging in the concert hall in the way that I do in a stereo setup. Mono doesn't get there either, it's just quite a bit closer, IMHO.
Good show, Hot. As to the theme, about 20 years ago a friend and I observed that some tiny Missions sounded better than some other big speakers in a showroom. I was informed that they had blown tweeters. We listened again, they still sounded better!