Another Horrific Confession:

I have posted several threads regarding mobile fidelity for long airplane flights, and it seems computer applications are getting better.

Another area I am keen to explore is noise cancellation headphones. In my limited experience, this technology really helps fight fatigue and jet lag.

At the risk of being kicked off the board, I am very curious about the BOSE headphones.

I have tried two types with limited sucess -- the supposedly high fidelity Etymotics: unfortunately, I find them uncomfortable, a bit thin sounding and also claustrophobic. Maybe custom earpieces would be much more comfortable?

I have also tried the Sony in ear cancellation headphones --a pair I bought about 2 years ago were much better than I expected but I lost them. A new pair purchased a few weeks ago in Tokyo seem to have much less noise cancellation properties.

Dont know if anyone has tried them, but the larger size of the BOSE headphones suggest that they might have better isolation and comfort.

Sorry to drag anyone out of the closet, but has anyone tried them? I mean maybe just as a favour for a friend or something?
The problem you are having with Etymatics is most likely a poor seal. This will result in it being uncomfortable and loss of bass--without the seal the bass is terrible and they sound very thin. Custom ear pieces may be the solution, but some people just can't seem to wear the "in the ear" headphones.
Don't be embarrassed, as a flyer, I'm curious about the Bose as well, and how they might stack up to others, including the Sennheisers.
Not sure but I think Bose makes noise cancellation headphones for the military (where it's really needed). To me, that means they must be pretty darn good.
So nobody will admit to having purchased the BOSE noise cancellation headphones?

I might have to be the first -- just as a service to Audiogon in the name of research --

Good thing Hammacher Schlemmer on 57th Street has a no questions asked, no time limit, 100% of your money back guarantee.....