TRL Marantz Sa-14

After speaking to Paul at TRL I am very curious to hear from those who own this unit what improvements do you hear with the player before and after the mod.

The SA-14 sounds weak in the bass and has no dynamics in comparison to some players like the Sony Scd-1 in stock form. Has anyone compared the TRL Sa-14 to the Sony Scd-1?
SA-14 weak in the bass? You're kidding, right? It thought it had a ton of very deep, slamming bass, a perfect machine for electronic music. I also think the SA-14 is by far a better machine then any of the flagship sony's, being very near analog on both redbook and sacd with a warm, ambiant, rich, liquid and very musical performance that the sterile sony lacks. I think the SA-14 would be an excellend base for modifications, it is very well built, and the tray/transport from Sharp alone has to weigh 5lbs, tons of copper, etc. etc! It could use a bigger powersupply and isolated supplies and MAYBE a little tweaking on the output stages to keep up with the latest and greatest from todays esoteric companies. All IMO, of course.
PS, try placing the SA-14 on a partially inflated small bicycle innertube. It does wonderous things. This machine needs good to great isolation to really shine...
I sold a 6 week old SA-11 because it was WEAK in the bass and was wanting for more dynamics. The highs also seared my ear off. So, it doesn't surprise me that the 14 would sound the same.

Thanks for responding. My good friend owns a SA-14 version 2 and had a Sony SCD-1. He loved his SCD-1 player and finds the SA-14 weak in dynamics. He is using isolation with the player and is thinking of adding the TRL mod.

I just received my TRL Sony 2000 and I like its dynamics and bass authority but sounds thin in the midrange. I was told the burn-in time is approximately 500 hours for everything to pop together. So far I like the TRL player but I can't say it sounds like vinyl yet.
Maybe Jes45 can jump in here.
He has firsthand experience with the TRL 2000 and the TRL modded Marantz SA14. I am not sure which version of the SA14 he has auditioned, I think version 1.
He was extremely impressed and comments from TRL are quite positive on the Marantz SA14 and SA11 units.
Your Sony 2000 is supposed to be a notch better than the TRL Sony 595 which I had. I found the burn in to be all of 500+ hours.
Sound was quite balanced across the spectrum and quite analog like after it settled in. Midrange will come.
I have been interested in the TRL modded machines since reading the reactions of various Agoners who bought the TRL Sony 595. I emailed back and forth to Paul, at TRL, a few times and placed an order...Now, I have an Sa-14 coming from TRL in a few days. According to Paul, in its STOCK form, the Sa-14 is NOT a very good player. BUT, according to Paul, - after they re-work the unit, nothing else compares to it except one of TRL's own $30K
machines! Something tells me, that Paul Weitzel would not make that type of comparison lightly. We'll see soon.
I have been interested in the TRL modded machines since reading the reactions of various Agoners who bought the TRL Sony 595. I emailed back and forth to Paul, at TRL, a few times and placed an order...Now, I have an Sa-14 coming from TRL in a few days. According to Paul, in its STOCK form, the Sa-14 is NOT a very good player. BUT, according to Paul, - after they re-work the unit, nothing else compares to it except one of TRL's own $30K
machines! Something tells me, that Paul Weitzel would not make that type of comparison lightly. We'll see soon.
I too have entertained purchasing the Marantz SA-11S1 and possibly modding it later down the road by TRL. But the TRL posts I've read so far leaves me wondering if the mods are really a significant improvement.

First it all started with the TRL Sony 595 (or the 777es?), then the 2000es, now the Marantz. With each successive modification, I keep on hearing it's almost like the $30k TRL unit. Leave me wondering if all of these units sound essentially the same after the mod - all almost like the $30k unit, a unit no one but Paul, the designer, has heard as far as I could tell. No one on Audiogon knows how the $30k TRL truly sounds as I have yet to hear from a real owner. So what are we really comparing these mods too? Could you really trust the words of the modder who has a vested interest in selling you his mods and tells you his latest mod is the closest to his ultra digital unit? I'm not trying to slam the TRL mods or Paul in any way, as I have not heard a TRL mod. TRL mods may live up to its hype. I just hate hearing the endless talk about the latest mod sounding like a $30k unit that no one seems to have heard. There is no end to it. Who will it be next, the Denons, Esoterics, etc.?

I, for one, will buy my next digital source from a retailer or manufacturer who will allow a home demo and just enjoy my purchase and not worry if my unit sounds like a $30k or $3,000,000 unit I have never heard or will ever own. Then after a week like a true audioholic, I will call Paul, Dan Wright, etc and ask them for their ultmate mod :) Ain't the life of an audiophile a bitch!
Not to be an sa-14 cheerleader, but its redbook was compared to the benchmark dac1 as being very, very close, a dac rated as first rate by every pro reviewer and recording engineer to get there hands on it. John Marks used it as a cornerstone suggested player for $30k'ish systems, if I recall, and there are tons of reviews of the SA-14 suggesting it is superior to anything Sony, denon, philips or most small company offereings under 2-3K. Are you quoting TRL when they say it is "NOT a very good player?" If you are, I'd presonally stay far away from TRL and their mods, as I find the SA-14 quire good and I'd deduce that the TRL house sound is not going to be to my tastes. I know a guy that thinks the SA-14 sounds better then the Esoteric DV-50 on redbook, and plenty of folks have commented that the SA-14 and Esoteric are nearly indestinguishable on SACD. ...ok, I'll put the pom-poms down. I don't own this machine but did at one time and hate to see people that have never listened to it give it a bad shake. I've owned it, among countless $3-5K digital rigs, and its near the top of my list for making music....
Uva hifi the thought never occured to me that the TRL may have a kind of house sound and that it did not matter which player one has. But I can't believe that this assumption could be true. Although Paul does not reveal what changes he makes with his mod, he did indicate that the SA-14 after treatment was comparable to his expensive reference and made no mention that this is true of the Sony players.

For me I am looking for bang for my bucks since digital is changing so quickly and mod ROI (return of investment) is minimal. I hope someone can comment on what effect the TRL mod has had on the stock Marantz SA-14 or any other hi-end player.

UVA, the DV-50 was probably the worst sounding 2ch cd player I ever owned. By default, the Marantz 14 would most certainly have to "sound" better. It is my opinion these days, that there does not exist a stock player at or below approx the 8k price range that is worth my listening time. As far as TRL is concerned, I ordered a SA-11 to hear for myself how it compares to the stock unit I owned. Again, the stock SA-11 I view as worthless.
Uva_hifi, do you know how the SA-14 compares to the SA-11S1? Seems like people either love the SA-11S1 or hate it. According to a review on Positive Feedback, the SA-14 really didn't sound significantly different than the Marantz 8620 SACD player, which goes around $800 these days. The reviewer went on to say that the Marantz engineers acknowledged this, and the new model(SA-11S1)is supposed to rectify the shortcommings of the SA-14.
Very good questions by all.
It does seem to be the case by some modders to make extreme claims about their new and improved mod that they are now offering that "blows away" whatever they did before to that unit. Makes you wonder. Especially if you blew several thousand dollars on their mod from last year. I should say that I tend to gravitate toward the mod as an enhancement approach versus modding as re-engineering school. If you have to replace almost all parts and totally re-engineer a unit-why did you buy that unit?

FWIW, it appears that TRL uses their $30,000 processor as a reference. They have not made claims to my knowledge that the Sony 595, then the Sony 2000 almost equals it, and then next week claim something else almost equals it. They avoid extreme hyperbole in their comments from what I have seen.
They do have opinions, however FWIW. Every modder does.

They do seem to think that the 2000 is a slight improvement on the 595 in certain ways. They seem to apparently think that the SA14 and SA11's are better mod platforms than the 2000, and also the Esoterics, and Denons they have worked on. They are assessing other models.

Actually, TRL thinks the SA14/SA11's are great units by all communication I have had with them. That does not mean that they do not feel that there are areas that can be improved upon. There are posters on this thread who feel strongly that the SA14/SA11's have issues. You get that with any well reviewed unit though, including the Benchmark, et al.

Whether the TRL mod to these or any units is truly what you also idealize as better can become subjective without a doubt.

Now, if Jack Seaton (Jes45) can pipe in here, he can provide more clarity than any of us as he has heard most of these TRL modded units firsthand.

Hi Gang,

I heard a Marantz SA-14 version 1 that a friend had sent off for mods. Stock the unit sounded okay, but had a narrow and shallow sound stage. Frequency extension stock wasn't bad, there was suitable bass and highs. It wasn't so much what the stock unit did 'wrong" for my friend, but rather how much better it could be once modified that determined his purchase of a $550 TRL mod.

First impressions after modification; Dan's SA-14 had a wider and deeper stage, it lost the digital glare, edge or whatever you want to call it, and it also had tighter bass. The unit had around 150 to 170 hours on it the last time I'd heard it and it definitely had broken in and relaxed a little further. Detail and micro dynamics are much improved, allowing you to hear 'into" the recording a little more. Dynamics also greatly improved. Dan mentioned to me that he has heard many minute details on his favorite recordings that he had not heard before, which concurs with my impressions.

I am waiting for the Marantz SA-11's to hit port and will have TRL modify one after a short break in period (remaining stock), so I'll really know what the TRL mod offered.

In as far as comparisons to the TRL $30K player/DAC, the TRL is unmatched. I have NEVER heard anything close, however the TRL mods offer a great taste and has the same 'house sound' as others have mentioned. I can't afford the $30K TRL combo. I can afford their $550 mod. I don't understand how Paul's making reference to the player should be seen as anything other than it is ... HIS reference, just as the huge $140k GT-800's are HIS refernce amps too.

Folks need to remember that Paul isn't some guy that quit his day job and cleaned out his garage to become a modifier. He is an established manufacturer of 15 years known for building some of the finest and best sounding amplifiers in the World, of which I am proud to say that I own.

As far as the SA-14 versus the SA-11, I'll have to wait and hear for myself. The new SA-11's are going to be within 2 to 4 weeks?, who knows? I'll share my opinion, for what it is worth, once I hear the 2 side by side.

Many thanks to all for sharing your thoughts about the TRL mod and Marantz players. While I am not a big fan of modders I do respect them. They have given all of us an opportunity to "buy" superior sound for a sensible cost.

In the old days these changes were earmarked in different models with higher and higher price tags. The minute I had a model that was highly rated by the reviewers it was superseded by another. I don't know about you fellows but I got tired of the merry go around.

Now I use caution in all my purchases. I pay attention to the designer or company and its reputation. Marantz has great stock players and Paul is first class.

I look forward to hearing more about the TRL Marantz SA11.

Paul has commented that Marantz has a "house" sound that manifests itself due to some similar design principles that are used across many of their players. His mods revise what he feels are the errors they have made.

I am in the process of burning in a Marantz 9500. It has the latest Crystal dacs, an updated HDAM output stage, etc. etc. but I am hearing some glare which distracts from what would otherwise be a warm and reasonably smooth midrange. Others have commented that stock Marantz players do have glare. I have a disk on repeat to quickly break in the analog and digital outputs, and the glare seems less now, but if what I am hearing is characteristic of Marantz then I am comfortable with Paul's assertion.

By the way, I am quite sensitive to glare. For example, I was not satisfied with my Cary 303 as a standalone player because of glare and some HF hardness (it did make an excellent transport though!). I should also note that I have recently moved to a new home and have yet to put up acoustic treatments in the corners of my room, which in the past I have found to be very helpful at reducing HF echo/reflections.

I had exchanged emails with Paul and found him quite modest. In terms of performance when modded, he felt that the SA11 was a bit better than the SA14, which was in turn a good step ahead of the 2000ES, which was better than the 595. Note that there is a big jump in price from the 2000ES to the SA14 so build and parts quality must be a factor here.

What I like about TRL is that their mod has a more realistic and palatable price than other modders. It is less clear what exactly TRL does but maybe extensive / wholesale parts replacement is not necessarily critical? What is encouraging is that the owner of an APL modded 3910 (mods cost $3k) found the modded 595 to sound musical and engaging, though lacking in the last bit of detail and precision. If so, then it bodes well for what a TRL modded SA14 or SA11 would be capable of, but with the investment more on the underlying player than on the mod itself.
Jsala - Your point about Paul is excellent. Paul and I have exchanged several emails regarding the Sa-14 I have ordered. He is very modest in his praise of the mods he does. His customers however, according to all the threads, are not as modest as he is about his mods. Paul is very clear in delineating his opinion if his mods from model to model. The Sa-14 and SA 11 earn his highest praise. Seemingly, there is a corellation between the build quality of a machine, and how it will ultimately sound. This, i believe, boads well for those - like me - who are the crazy enough, to buy a unit without ever hearing it.
Paul also communicates extremely well. Never, have I gone 24 hrs. without him responding to my email. He usually responds within 6 hours. TRL seems to turn the machines around quickly as well - within a week! The mods are extremely cost effective as far as mods are concerned these days. $550 for a mod that will bring (hopefully) truly amazing music into a life - is worth it. Next week my Sa-14 will ship.
I just hope MY personal tastes are in line with how the unit will eventually sound. Based on our 'email discussions', Paul seems to think so. So far - he has earned my trust. I'm looking forward to getting it, burning it in for a few days, then giving it a listen. :-)
Yes, Paul and TRL have a longstanding positive reputation in the audio field and he is very conscious of maintaining that rep with each and every customer from the $550 digital mods to the multi-thousand dollar amps he makes. Everybody gets treated respectfully.
He truly knows music-especially from his live audio engineering and recording work, which gives him a background other modders simply do not have. We talk about his "reference" as the $30,000 TRL processor, but actual real live music is also one of their "references".

As an amateur musician/recording hack this is what really got me interested in TRL. They simply know what actual live music performances sound like. Isn't that what we all are seeking in some way? If you have ever heard any of the Fidelis and Diversity recordings - they are quite impressive.

Since getting these mods is often a leap of faith for the end user which cannot compare the units side by side, TRL is a company (and there certainly are other fine ones too) that engender confidence.


Let us know how it turns out for you! I am trying to make up my mind on what unit to have them mod next.
Lkdog - I'll let you know for sure. It was some of your impressions of your 595 that got me interested in the TRL mods. I think the SA-14 will be a fine sounding player - according to Paul. His advice is why I chose that model. ;-)
I heard that Paul is pretty hush about what exactly goes into his mods. That really doesn't bother me. But has anyone seen the QUALITY of work that goes into his mods? I've seen the quality of work by some well established modders that looks like a tornado blew through the unit with wires going all over the place and makeshift tack on boards made of wood! If I had a quality built unit like the SA-11, I wouldn't want that kind of work in my player even if the mod improved the sound. I'm not in any way implying Paul does bad work as I have never seen his work. I'm still interested in getting the TRL mod. I'm just asking those who got his mod what the quality is like inside.
Fair inquiry without a doubt.
I did not pop the hood on mine. Others have done so. I have heard earlier TRL Sony mods used more dampening material than later as they determined what amount was actually effective/needed per specific units. One guy in a thread on AA stated the work looked high quality, but was not specific. Maybe someone who has examined theirs closely can comment.

I have not heard anyone express concern about implementation-but TRL also is not sticking significant aftermarket new or replacement parts into the stock units so there is less likelhood of cramming stuff into space that was not meant for it. If anything, they take stuff out in some places but I don't really know.

Again, my impression from direct comments from Paul, and professional review info without knowing exact specifics is that their approach strengthens the transport, clock, circuitry, and power supply and shortens the signal path. It is more an enhancement than additive/re-engineering deal.

This modding thing is as much voicing skill IMHO as much as parts or wholesale technical changes. Maybe I am full of it, but really parts are not that pricy in the digital world.(I am an authorized computer reseller and builder). Parts are likely not the big expense in mods. The cost is in the hours in the design and creative process and labor.
Now that is not to say that if someone actually builds a proprietary component for a digital unit that they are not going to then charge what the market will bear.

If you are looking for a boatlad of new caps, a proprietary clock, and added tube stages and external power supplies-these guys are not your modders.

Their approach seems to be a marked difference from the additive or re-engineering modding school.
Both are obviously effective for people depending upon what they like and want and also how much they believe in a specific design approach.

Choices for the end user are good as is the market price competiton.

What I was told by another user is that after Paul's mod design on a unit, they use the same technicians that build their multi-thousand dollar preamps/amps and signal processors to actually do the mods.
That would be a good thing if accurate.
I'm looking to have a TRL SA14 in a few weeks. I have just closed a deal for a nice SA14 v1, which will be shipped direct to Paul/TRL.

Jsala please report back on your findings before and after the mod.

Hi, I won't be able to report about the "before" as my SA14 is getting shipped directly to TRL. While it won't tell you about the mod, I am going to compare the TRL SA14 with a stock 9500, which is the latest Marantz universal player with the latest Crystal dacs, an improved transport, improved HDAM output stage, blah blah. And I will compare vs my Scott Nixon Tube Dac fed by the digital out of the SA14.

Even better! Yes I am very interested in hearing about this new Marantz player. As a matter of fact I plan to contact Paul and ask his opinion. I wonder if it comes
in a gold color?

I think the SA14 version 2 did come in gold in addition to having some parts upgrades of some type.
They show up here used at a higher price.
The SA 14 is no longer in production as it has been replaced by the SA11 if I am not mistaken.
Don't know if the SA14 ver 1 comes in gold also.
Paul Weitzel and TRL offer the highest level of commitment to the customer I have ever experienced from an audio vendor. I just recieved an email from Paul regarding my SA14 which will ship on Wednesday.

I'll just say this: Paul is extremely concerned about the quality of his product. He is always evaluating his work, and his procedures, for the benefit of his customers and his products. It refreshing to see this kind of commitment to excellence.

BRAVO!!!!!! Paul

I got the impression from Paul that the Marantz universal players were a good platform for mods and that they had similar but not quite as much potential as the SA14. I am not sure if he has seen the 9500 specifically since it is relatively new but one advantage the 9500 has over all previous Marantz (including the SA14) is that it has a better/new DAC (the 4398 by Crystal; the other models used older Crystal dacs).

What kills me about the 9500 is that is best used with a monitor. It is critical for initial set up (e.g. to set the digital output on or off) but is also handy for more mundate tasks like putting a disk on repeat. Assuming that the modded 9500 sounds pretty darn close to the modded SA14, then I think the choice would boil down to whether you have an AV system or an audio-only system. When I started this journey I had a (2 channel) AV system now. Just recently, I separated them and my living room system is now audio only. Hence, the 9500 is less user friendly and an audio-only player like the SA14 makes more sense.

Do let us know if you learn more about the mod potential of the 9500.

If so then this is great news
No idea on color - my SA14 v1 is black.
I just received an email from Paul stating the so far he has not found a good sounding Universal Player that he likes. However, he did not rule out the possibility of applying his mod to the Marantz 9500.

The question is does this player even need a mod. I love the Crystal DACs and the early reports say that this player sounds very analog.
I have about 120 hours on my Marantz 9500 (its been playing 24hrs/day since I got it) and should have an answer for you in 2 weeks when I am closer to 500 hours. I am burning in both the analog and digital outputs and will evaluate both.

At the 100 hour mark the 9500 had a noticeably smoother top end than it did when new but I still hear glare and the midrange is not as fleshed out as I would like (even with a tube dac noted for a full midrange). The speakers don't yet disappear either. It is making progress, though, and I expect to hear better at the 300/500 hour mark.

That said, to be realistic about expectations, I would not hope for the broken-in 9500 to sound world-class, though I do think it will sound smooth and enjoyable. A simple mod like a SuperClock 3 may make a significant impact.
Hello Oldpet,

I fully understand what you are saying about Paul and his crew's committment to the customer. My player was returned with some of the best packaging that I've ever encountered. They must have used $15 to $25 worth of bubble wrap on my player to make sure that it didn't get Fed Upped. Even the remote was wrapped in bubble wrap!

I'd really appreciate your impressions when you get it back. Is your SA-14 a Version 1 or a Version 2?

Best wishes,
Hi Jess45

Yep! Paul really gets it. He believes he's "just doing his job" though. He even called my house and left a message (I wasn't home at the moment) telling me that the unit shipped on Wednesday. I expect to get it on the 19th. I'm glad to hear you say that TRL packs them up properly. Mine has to get to NJ!

I think my SA-14 is a version 1. I bought it here on Agon, and had it shipped driectly to Paul for mods. Paul seemed to be very positive about the SA-14. When I get it, I'm going to just plug it in and put a disc in, on repeat play, for a week and forget about it. Then I'll give it a first listen. I'll be glad to give my impressions. You be sure to do the same.

I'll email you privately if you wish.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope these machines are as good as the other TRL machines.


Hey Guys,

An exciting update. Although the TRL Sony 2000es has only 35 hours of playing time I am reporting what I heard. A tube preamp was introduced to me today. I have never heard a preamp fill the soundstage like this unit has. It has just been released and I consider myself one of the lucky few to have one. It was a no brainer since it only cost me $2,000.
The combination of this preamp and the TRL for the asking price ($2,850) will seriously challenge more expensive digital front ends and IMHO convert analog lovers to digital. Its a magical combination that I had to have.

The preamps name is "Full Image". Magical in of itself but unheard of at this price.
So, tell us more about this new pre-amp ...

And, congratulations on the TRL C2000ES. I have one with around 550 hours on it. Just wait until it fully breaks in ...

I only heard of it from a fellow who is using a very expensive Japanese preamp in his very expensive system and he bought one! I had to listen to one so I took a long ride.
Well after hearing it I decided to order one. It does something special in the middle of the soundstage that I have never heard a preamp do.

I will try to explain. Take a balloon that haphazardly floats around and now add strings to it and a platform and now it floats consistantly, smoothly and can even carry people, this is what this preamp does. Pulls everything together and fills the 'spatial' information so well that when you return to your regular preamp, its like a hole. I am still trying to digest all of this and I am sure the TRL is part of this.

I can't wait till the TRL breaks in. I have barely 40 hours and what I am experiencing at this stage with my Single Ended stuff and this new preamp is very exciting!
Why the secracy regarding your new preamp? Could you fill us in on this? Thanks.
Are you guys using the balanced or single-ended (RCA) outputs of your TRL SA14? I have been told that the balanced outputs of the *stock* SA14 sound clearly better than the single-ended/RCA ouputs (even when you level match). I can't confirm this in my system since a) my SA14 is going to be shipped straight to TRL, and b) my Joule preamp only has single-ended/RCA inputs.

Sorry if it appears that I am being secretive with this Preamp. The preamp is an overachiever and the problem with this is since its new to me in my system I can't be too specific until the TRL is broken in. The surprise here is the presentation is almost magical inspite of the TRL Sony having only 47 hours playing time.

I am trying to stay away from proclaiming this as a godsend. The truth is the Full Image preamp is doing something that is hard to describe hence my balloon analogy. It adds an inviting 'character' to the instruments and the sound is wonderful. I just feel so much of the rythm and pace of each piano key strike that its beyond what I have heard up to this point. Very involving stuff.

To put it another way, I was considering upgrading to the TRL SA-14. Now I don't feel the need to do this because of this preamp. If you have been around this hobby for awhile you can spot when a product does something special and this absolutely fits this category.

The designer is offering it direct and plans to keep it that way. So if you are interested send me an email and I can give more info. Its just not appropriate here.

I promise to have more information for you but for now what a pleasant surprise.
Glad you are pleased with the TRL 2000ES even if it isn't even broken in yet! It can only get better. I've had magic in my system without necessarily spending a fortune on digital. Admittedly using a Cary 303 as a transport (for which it is truly excellent), my 2 dacs (Mensa DI/O, Scott Nixon Tube Dac, each well under $1k) excelled with different types of music and allowed me to get totally lost in the music and forget all about analyzing the sound.

I am using a Joule Electra tube pre, which is known to be musical. Frankly, based on my comparison with the Eastern Electric Minimax, I think that the Joule gives up a bit of detail in exchange for musicality.

It seems like TRL is all about musicality, as this is a common comment about all their modded players. I'm looking forward to getting my SA14 from AVGuru to TRL then on to me in the next couple of weeks so that I can hear for myself what a TRL player sounds like.
Just got the SA-14. The machine is very heavy and sturdy in its construction. I have a disc in on repeat play. I'll leave it that way for the rest of the week, before I listen to it. That will put it at around 100 hours of break in.

As I opened the box, I, ONCE AGAIN, realized that Paul at TRL, REALLY does it right!


What do you mean "really does it right". Are you referring to the neatness of the mods? I looked at the inside of my 2000es and I was a bit disappointed. I don't think about it anymore since I am in heaven with the sound. Now I believe the stuff he uses all over the board must be called "magic stuff".

I haven't looked inside of my unit yet. I'm just trying to get hours on it first, so it just sits spinning a disc 24/7 for now.

I'm really refering to the way Paul treats his customers. From his communication, his punctual turn around of the unit, his desire to make a beautiful sounding machine, his ability to NOT overstate his work. He even included small, but thoughtful, things in the box with the unit.
As I've said, I still have not listened to the machine, but Paul runs a first class operation. He actually delayed the shipment of my unit for a couple of days, so, "his guys" (three I believe) could evaluate the machine and make notes about it.

I haven't even mentioned the fact that his mods are very affordable. When compared to some of the other mods out there, TRL mods are a real bargain.

Since you are already listening to a TRL modded machine, I'm sure you can attest to the "bang for the buck" factor.

I just hope my ears agree. :-)
Hello Oldpet,

Paul has 3 main personnel that work on the units, himself, his brother Brian (of Record Research Lab) and Brian's BIL, Joel Sherman.

Brian and Paul are also partners in their new company "Transistor Research Labs" and have a new amplifier which will debut within a few weeks.

Please tell me your thoughts about your SA-14 after it breaks in a little. My friends unit really started sounding great after 100 hours.

Hey Oldpet,

I am also curious about break-in. Please keep us posted if there is any change at 100 hours. On my Sony 2000es I have about 60 hours playing time. The Ray Charles "Duet" sounds Rayish and enjoyable last night. I can't get over the fact that I am using a 5-disc changer for my high end system. This player is a get up and sit down time saver especially since I am using a remoteless preamp.

I just can't get over how good the TRL sound is on this Sony 2000es.
La45 says, "I can't get over the fact that I am using a 5-disc changer for my high end system. This player is a get up and sit down time saver especially since I am using a remoteless preamp.

I just can't get over how good the TRL sound is on this Sony 2000es."

That's my experience, too. I'm relatively new to the multi-disc players, but have to admit that i love the convenience of having 5 discs to pick and chose from before having to move from the sweet spot. And, I don't feel as though I'm sacrificing sound quality for that convenience.

I'm moving ahead to a TRL/SA-11 and then will find out just how convenient the 5 disc player really is ...

Sigh, isn't our hobby fun?
Hi Jes45 and La45 (are you guys related?) :-)

I have to admit - I snuck a "quick listen" in last night, after only 72 hrs. When I got done listening at 4:00AM!!! - I was thrilled and amazed. Amazed, at the things I was hearing on my discs (redbook) for the first time. Haven't even begun to break in SACD yet. Thrilled, because of my decision to go with TRL. For very modest money - player and mods included - I'm not sure how this player can be beaten. Again, this is only at 72 hours! I'm really looking forward to hearing this machine blossom. 500 hours is a long way off, but it is going to ba a most enjoyable walk.

Advice - if you can find a used SA-14 or a close out model - BUY IT!!! Send it to Paul and "his guys", and rest assured, you will be getting a firts rate player - by any standard. You'll also save yourself alot of money if you are thinking of an SA-11.

As I type - the break in continues...84hrs...85hrs..........

thats what i thought with my TRL sony 2000es, I took my unit apart almost as soon as it came out of the box, well at least after a short listening, I really wanted to know what makes this thing tick. too my suprise there was noithing out of the ordinary, except this red "magic" stuff all over the board, and the nicely laid out power wire feed straight into the transformer. After taking it apart and checking every little detail, I called Paul and asked him if there was any way to make this already awesome unit better. He recomended some isolation devices, I also asked him about a power cord, speaker cables, and interconnects he told me that, Joel one of the guys that works with Paul and Brian could make me up a set cables to help complete my system. I haven't got them yet but im sure they are going to an excelent upgrade to my system, Paul also mentioned that he and brian have a tranistor amp. coming out soon, anyone hear anything aboiut that I would appreciate the feed back. I've been reading up on the marantz Sa-14 and I really like what i hear about it, it's right there in my price rang including the cost of the TRL mod, if it's anything like my 2000es im sure im gonna love it.
As I may have mentioned before I have some new additions to the family, a brand new Single-ended amp with its roaring power of 8 watts and a new engaging preamp. So I am dealing with 3 new units to break in.

And as far as whether Jes45 is related the answer is yes, we belong to the TRL family thank you.

Nice player. The Marantz SA-11 TRL version has got to be the best. Anxious to here more when you get it. It looks great and I suppose it will be great after Paul does his magic. I spoke to a fellow in Tawain and he says the unit has a lean character but he tamed it by using the old Van Den Hul carbon inteconnect. He loves the results.