Tried a new product to highly polished speaker surface

Hey to all our there. I have several speakers that have a really high gloss finish. I’ve noticed swirls in the finish that really are eye sores. It’s seen mostly on the top plates on Definitive Technology speakers. 
I tried using a Meguiars product for cleaning plastics. It’s called PlastX.  It does a remarkable job in restoring the finish to just like new. 
Thanks for the tip. It's almost impossible to keep swirls out of high gloss finishes.  I'll try to remember PlastX. 
I only use products that are made for fine car finishes on my speakers. No swirls, gentle and smell great. Make sure the ingredients are all natural. Buy quality Korean sourced Microfiber 70/30 blend, either 12”x12” or 16”x16” borderless. 😉

p.s. I like the Rag Co. 
Years ago I laid my Talon Khorus down on their sides and used a random orbital to apply Griot's Machine 4 with the Orange pad. Followed with Best of Show wax. Well it is basically the same as auto paint. My Talon Roc sub was bought used and looked awful, scratches all over, Machine 4 polish took them all out. 
Firstly, Never clean them with a dry cloth. Use detail spray w/ microfiber towel. when cleaning. Most good car polish , IE Adams, etc have a product which will take out swirl marks. The more swirls, the more work. Some polishes will help fill in and cover the swirls before waxing. Go to There is more info there about paint protection & correction that you ever though about. They are good for DIY videos too

BTW, the swirls show so much on speakers because it black. Black is the best at showing swirls..

Same as for a car finish, keep the orbital moving at all times and don’t keep in one spot which will cause heat build up, which is bad. Start slow and you will be amazed how easy it is. Mirror finish!

(You can find Meguires, Turtle Wax, Simonize, Mother’s etc at any Walmart, Target, or auto parts store. Cost is no indication of performance). 😊 
PlastX is wonderful stuff. Never thought about using it on my speakers (will now), but used to use it on a BMW motorcycle I owned. Even using that on the Plexiglas shield didn't leave any scratch marks. Great idea.