Triangle Titus 202 + SS amp=???

The reviews I have seen for the Triangle Titus 202 mention that they go well with tube amps. Do they also sound good with solid state amps? I have an NAD C370 integrated amp, and I'm in the market for a speaker upgrade. Unfortunately, there are no Triangle dealers in my area that I know of. I am presently considering the Triangle Titus 202 and the Paradigm Reference Studio 20 to replace my Wharfedale Emerald 93s (good speakers, but hardly top of the line). I have a sub, so bass extension is not an issue. I also have use a 15 band/channel eq, so perfectly flat frequency response is also not an issue.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that you will probably end up selling the Triangles off if using them with inexpensive SS.
Why don't you consider Axiom M22Ti's? They are well-reviewed, cheaper than the Triangles, and should mate well with your amp and sub. You buy factory direct and have 30 days to try them.
I second the Axiom suggestion.
Tony, what is your cd player?
I'll add the Axioms to my short list. Heck, the Boston Cherry ones match my furniture! :-) Do they do a good job of reproducing acoustic guitars?

I have the Sony 222ES SACD/CD player.

Aside from tube amps, Triangle's work best with SS amps from Audio Analogue, Cairn, Audio Refinement, and Unison. But, if your SS amp is not known to be "tube-sounding," you can compensate by partnering it with a smooth sounding CDP like a Rega Planet or a Cambridge Audio D500SE.

Your amp alone should work well with the Triangle's. NAD's sound is not known to be typical "solid-state" sound. However, Sony CDP's are not known to be smooth sounding but I do like one Sony CDP which I currently own - a DVP-S9000ES... and guess what, I use it with Triangle Titus'! So, if the sound of your CDP is close enough with the 9000ES, then no problem. The amplification I use is an Audio Analogue Puccini. The Triangle's have superb speed, imaging, and soundstaging (compared to Wharfedale Diamond 8.1's which they replaced).