Jolida 1501rc tube choice for Titus

Anybody care to offer some insight on tube choice for a Jolida 1501 with Titus?

Have researched everywhere and 3 seem to stand out, the Svetlana, Tung Sol, and Ei.

Leaning toward the Svetlana as it is said to have a great midrange and imaging with a mellow top end, which I am guessing would mate well the the Titus bright top end.

Tung Sol seems to be highly thought of, don't know how it would mate with Titus.

Ei is highly regarded but have heard of quality issues.

Can you shed any light on the situation? THANKS GARY
Mullards will balance the hot top of the titus
When I had my Triangles (Comete and Zeriu) with my Jolida 302b I used all Electro Harmonx tubes.