how do you tame digititus in a transport?

i had to take my CD transport out for repairs. I got an old Proceed 2 transport out of the closet. It has a very bright high end - how can this be tamed? Its not the DAC or cabling.
Get an anti-jitter reclocking device.
Try a set of Nordost Pulsar Points. I have the titanium set which significantly smooths out that digital edge while actually enhancing performance all around. They also have aluminum available & while they are less expensive I can't say if they would work as well.
While you may think that your cabling may not be bright, it "might" be bright with that specific transport. In effect, the Transport is responding to the load that it sees and it obviously doesn't like the load too much. As such, the cheapest / easiest thing to do would be to buy an inexpensive digital cable that tames the top end. If you don't want to shell out any money for what is hopefully a very temporary situation, see if you have some spare "analogue" interconnects lying around. Try using one of these to link between the transport and your DAC. It should work fine and may give you what you want in terms of tonal balance. Sean
Sean, good thought. i dug around in my old cables and found a cardaas digital cable (!) and plugged it in. helped a lot. thanks for the reminder.
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