Axiom M22 vs Triangle Titus + other 500 ramblings

I need some help out there from people who have heard a wide variety of speakers. I'm basicaly looking for help in forming a list of speakers that would somewhat match the following criteria. First, budget. Has to be under $600 new or used, and I don't care how old as long as in good working conditions. Second, sound. I'm looking for a fast speaker the has some warmth, but most importantly, has very smooth treble (i.e. no brightness). Third, size. The speaker has to be either a bookshelf speaker, or a small floorstander. Which one of these would fit these criteria- Magnepan MMG, Triangle Titus, Axiom M22, Dynaudio (various models)? Are there others in this price range I should look out for? The speakers will be used with a Rotel RCD-951 cd player and a Creek 4330 mkII integrated. Any help you can give me in finalizing my list is greatly appreciated.
Try to see if you can listen to a used pair of Snell E's (small floorstanders, circa mid-90's), which should sell for well within your budget. Very articulate and neutral, and I think better balanced overall at their size and price than the larger upper-end Snell's were at the time. Of the others you mention, I've got experience only with the Maggie MMG's, and I don't think they're full-range enough (in either frequency response or dynamics) and lack the smoothness to compete with other used choices at your price point.
I can only comment on the Triangle speakers, as they are the only ones on your list that I have recent experience with.

While I am a very big fan of Triangle, from what you say you desire, they are not for you.

Yes, they are fast. Very fast. But, they are not warm. Not in the least. The limited bass extension, and lack of help via box tuning and crossover alignment that the designer believes in are two of the reasons. Rather than offer a small speaker that sacrifices things like transient response, neutrality, or a friendly load to an amplifier, they focus on passing the music through unimpeded.

Nor, is their treble smooth, which is your most important criteria. Their metal dome tweeters are revealing, fast, and will lay bare anything passing through them. Sometimes, adding a measure of their own harshness, especially when partnered with inferior and/or solid state electronics.

However, if these seem like criticisms, they are not. Just my own spin on Triangle. No speaker is perfect. And, I would happily live with Triangle over a lot of other speakers. While this is not a speaker for everyone, the things that I list as "faults" can be considered blessings in many a system. They match most well with tubes, particularly EL34 and SET based amplification. What they do is allow one a view on what these low powered, but sublime, amplifiers have to offer.