Transporter vs. Squeezebox Touch w/PS AudioDL-III


which of these two options is the better way to go?

i currently have a sb3 running into an outlaw 2150.

has anyone compared the touch to the transporter?

thanks in advance.
I've got an indirect comparison. I auditioned the Transporter a few years back and ended returning it and kept the SB3/Lavry DAC combo I've been using since.

I acquired a Touch 10 days ago and after comparing it directly to the SB3/Lavry combo (synced and level-matched) I decided to sell the Lavry.

When I concentrated only on hearing differences, I thought the Lavry was still ever so subtly better. However, when I was just listening to music for enjoyment, there were several times I forgot which unit was playing and had to check the input selector on the amp to determine which one was in-use.

Given the display modules for the Transporter are no longer being manufactured, I don't know how much longer the Transporter is going to be in production. Right now they are not too hard to find for about $1,300, but that is still quadruple the list price of the new Touch.

I'm personally very happy with the analog out of the new Touch but there are undoubtedly some who would still want to use an external DAC.

So, that's one opinion for you. The Transporter does have its followers so you should have like-minded people in your camp no matter what option you choose.

I’ve only had my touch for a week or so and haven’t connected an external drive (yet). Nevertheless, I am very impressed. Right out of the box, it bettered the dynamics of my Roku Soundbridge, and I love being able to select the stream (if more than one is offered) on internet radio.

I do feed the digital output directly to my Levinson 360s DAC…. So far I’m very happy despite the learning curve. (I never owned a Squeezebox before.) Well worth the $300 investment.

Sorry I’ve never heard the Transporter.
I have been using a Boom in my kitchen since Xmas and like the internet radio and CD collection access from my computer....the user interface took me a month to really get comfortable with but it's fine. I've been considering a transporter to plug into my existing stereo but the Touch sounds like a better choice, I am 60 and my ears are no longer full frequency. I have my cd's recorded apple lossless. To the group, does this sound like a good choice? For $300 it sounds like a no brainer.
thanks for the replies.

this is very tough to decide. all the reviews i read about the transporter sound great. but, i keep hearing how pairing the squeezebox with a decent dac compares or beats the transporter. so confused!
also, i have never had a dac. are they just left on 24/7? any kind of maintence required (i am a newbie).

my current system consists of a sb3 hooked to a rr2150 to av123 x-sls speakers.

thanks in advance.
I left my DAC on 24/7 for the three years I owned it. They don't use a lot of power or get warm, so just leave it in a well ventilated spot. They don't require any special maintenance, calibration or alignment.

The Transporter is an excellent piece of equipment. You won't be disappointed if you buy it. I did not end up with the SB3/DAC combo because it "beat" the Transporter but because I thought the other was a better value. (Transporters were $2,000 at the time with no discounts around. Now they are not too hard to find for about $1,300.)
thanks for the info.

is it 100% the transport displays are no longer being manufactured?
Everything I've seen says that the display module used in the SB3/Classic and Transporter is no longer being manufactured.

However, that doesn't necessarily indicate a repair problem since there are probably a fair number in reserve for service purposes. The number needed for service is going to be far lower than needed to continue new manufacture.

Just think - you can buy NOS (new old stock) vacuum tubes that are 40, 50 or more years old without too much problem, though some are very pricey due to rarity now.

If you are thinking Transporter, I wouldn't worry too much about this particular issue. (Of course, I have no connection with Logitech so have no way to know for sure.)
i took the plunge on the touch and ps audio dac III. i am very excited! one question; do i run an optical cable to the dac from the touch then from the touch to the receiver...rca cables? i see on the ps audio dac there is two digital cable inputs. which one would i use? like i said before, i am using a rr2150 receiver.

thanks in advance.
you run a digital cable from the touch digital output to the ps audio digital input. then you run analog/rca cables from the ps audio to your outlaw receiver. you can use either optical or digital coax, whichever you have on hand, but most prefer digital coax. as far as the digital input on the ps audio, i'd say just use the first one.
thanks for the reponse.

there looks to be two digital ouptuts; a square looking one and an orange rca looking one. when i say i am a newbie i wasnt kidding! blue jeans has the folloing options available:

i assume the Belden 1694A Coaxial Digital Audio Cable with rca to rca cables is what i want?

thanks again.
That's right. The square output is the optical/toslink. I'm curious to hear what you think of the Touch.
thanks everyone!