Using External Word Clock with Transporter?

Has anyone tried using an external word clock with the Slim Devices/Logitech Transporter? I am considering upgrading from a Squeezebox to a Transporter so I can output the word clock from my dCS Purcell/Delius combo to the Transporter. Anyone have any experience doing anything like this?
I'm interested as well.
Be careful using the Transporter with your dCS gear. In my system connecting the TP to my Purcell or Elgar Plus doesn't improve the sound, on the contrary. I could not believe my ears when I discovered there was no improvement comparing the TP directly and thru the dCS ddd/dac. Apparently there is a big problem (in my system!) when I connect the TP hard wired either to the server or to the dCS combo. When I change ethernet to wireless, or BNC to Toslink, things change fot the better. Best imho is to feed the TP from a different spur or (in my situation) from a different outlet on my PS Audio PPP, and use it directly into my ARC Ref 3, networked with ethernet.
Using my Antelope OCX word clock did not make sense either (another galvanic connection?). I prefer using the TP without the Antelope for one more reason: using an external word clock implies the TP plays hi-rez files at half speed!
using an external word clock implies the TP plays hi-rez files at half speed!

What do you mean ?
Follow this link:
Or search the slimdevices forum on 'word clock speed' and you get lots of threads concerning problems fellow dCS users encounter using an external word clock with the TP. And disturbing views from the SB/TP designer on the issue of word clock slaving...
Interesting. Thanks for the info !
He is right there does seem to be some kind of an issue. I am investigating.

The designer/founder of Slimdevices told me, however, that the Transporter was designed to be slaved in this manner and that it is preferable to do so.

My thread at the Slimdevices forums is at