Transport to accompany DAC

Hi, thinking about purchasing a Theta GenVIII DAC. It looks like, however, that they do not sell a transport.

Anyone have any suggestions regarding an appropriate transport to go with this wonderful DAC.
I think a great deal is the Sony XA777ES. I bought mine used and modded for $1,500. It's a very good transport and happens to be a very good SACD as well if your interested. If not it's worth it just as a transport.
Robm321 has a good suggestion. You might also consider the new CEC TL51-Z belt driven CD transport ($1250 new).
There is a G&D Transforms Reference One transport for sale now that is a very good transport (not mine). Make the person an offer and enjoy it. Or look for a Theta Basic II.

Happy Listening.
Just a note about the Sony XA777ES. I have an Ack dAck 2.0 and think it sounds better using a $50 Toshiba DVD/CD player as a transport than it does using the Sony. The combo sounds a bunch better than using the Sony alone. Can't explain this, but I no longer use the Sony except for SACDs. Obviously your milage MAY vary, but In any event, my mildly modifed Toshiba 3950 makes a pretty great transport.