Possible Silver IC's to accompany my Skogrand Marrkarian 421 sp cables?

I'm using Ocellia Silver Reference now...I was considering Chord Co Sarum T's
I'm just trying to help, ok.  But what is the question? What is it hooked to?
Are they just laying there, and you want to spend money, to change the look? You know, red to green or cool boxes and bumps in the cables.
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    my intention in posting this inquiry was to get recommendations from someone whose used the Skogrand Speaker Cables & had a recommendation for an interconnect that would complement them sonically...I thought that would've been a given (being that no one spending the type of $ it takes to utilize this stratosphere of the Hi End Audio Cable market would do so for any other reason. The Skogrand Speaker Cables are in a rarified class of ultra expensive & world class performance (something I'd never imagined I'd ever own...MSRP-$9300.00-10ft pr.), but I now do & have realized how restrained & congested every other speaker cable I've ever heard truly is....so I'm wondering if a similar paradigm shift is awaiting me when I swap interconnects. 
    I use a German integrated Amp from Audo Exklusiv & Clearwave Synphonia 72R Speakers (w/RAAL ribbon tweeters).
That is of course the obvious question & I guess it's mainly the scarcity factor & the high cost. I'm looking for alternatives that might be easier to resell if they aren't the best match for my system 
I use all silver cabling for my ICs and SCs and it's just for one reason: they sound better. You can save a lot and still go the silver route with Darwin Cables. It's what I use for ICs. 

I started out with their entry level line and worked my way up a couple of notches, noticing improvements along the way. One way to try them out is with their Specials Section: http://darwincables.com/darwin-cable-specials

That way, it's not that big an investment and I think you'll appreciate what you hear. 

All the best,
Thanx so much Nonoise...I just had the best conversation with Tony of Darwin. Audio Veteran for sure! Very interested in their Enlightenment interconnects! 
   Have you ever had the chance to hear them? I'd been contemplating ordering a pair of Inakustic NF2404 RCA interconnects that I could get on a 30 day trial...but after talking to Tony...(who agreed to offer me free shipping+an excellent sale price of $1495.00/1M pr) along with an identical 30 day audition I'm thinking it might be time for a good old fashioned SHOOT OUT!
I've only gotten as high up the product ladder with some Truth II ICs that were on sale in the specials section and they were a step up from the Ascensions which were a step up from the Silver series. I'd love to hear what Tony and Bill did with the Enlightenment series but I have to wait on that one.

Those two guys have some of the best ears in the business. I recently broke one Ascension IC (ouch!) trying to remove it at an awkward angle so I'll be looking for a new set soon. It's amazing just how small a gauge of wire they use. It looks to be thiner than a strand of human hair. Most of the cost is in the construction of the cable with the care of assembly very time consuming. Nothing off the shelf with these cables. 

You'll notice just how small the barrel is: practically no mass save for what's needed to grip the RCA input and that's about it. 

All they do is refine, build and test. They never seem to be satisfied with the results. 😄👍 I trust you'll like what you hear.

All the best,

Now I'm intrigued by Audioquest Fire....any thoughts on how they might compare to the Chord Super Array Sarum T's or the Inakustic NF 2404's?
I highly recommend Albedo cables.
They hail from Poland and manufacture their own silver in-house.
They have a wide range to suit your budget.
I am personally using their Monolith Reference range of speaker cables and RCA. They will never be put up for sale as I am keeping them.

Well...it's gonna be a few months now before I do any kind of 'shoot out'....I just won an auction on Audiogon for a top flight Power Cord. (Really didn't think I'd get it, but....it completes my power cable needs....so there you go).
Check out ZenWave cables too.Dave will send you demos at no charge to try.
I'd looked at Zenwave before & the reviews are great....it's nice to know that they'd have demos I could borrow for any prospective 'shoot out'. Thanks for the tip.
    Does anyone out there have any experience with the Townshend F1 Fractal copper interconnects? They've developed a unique metallurgy but have to include a zoeble network to compensate for their high capacitance...reviews are all claiming it's a contender for GOAT!
I know it is a old thread, but just thought of giving my 2 cents on the f1 fractals. They are one wonderful ICs. I have tried Wywires diamond, Shunyata Alpha, TQ black diamond, AQ earth and Shunyata anaconda ztron. Everyone of above their strengths, not trying to undermine them, but f1 fractals does everything better. It really gave me a "wow" moment. There is nothing like "night and day" difference, among the above, but if I had to choose one, f1 fractals will be the one. I was considering to try TQ silver diamonds and other higher priced (> 3-4 K), but I might just stick with f1 fractals. The more I listen, the more I feel like I need to keep them and stop searching more. 
Thanks for your recommendations romney80....I almost pulled the trigger on a new custom 2.5M pair of Fractals back in December but then a pair of 2.5M Klee Accoustics Trubalance popped up & I grabbed em'. Definitely a night & day difference! Truly remarkable in all areas....they are known to have issues as they age with Micro fractures developing in their prioritary welding process & although mine are continue to pass signal, I have to lay them out just right...(physically) & leave them alone to avoid signal deterioration because of those issues.  Unfortunately,  the man who has the expertise to repair them...David Klee....is no longer working due to health issues & I am unaware of anyone else able to reterminate them. Jaguar Design had bought all remaining stock from Mr. Klee about 6 years ago & even they don't service them. I love their performance but realize they will not be a long term solution to my needs. If anyone knows of someone out there whose successfully figured out how to re-terminate these...please pass that info along.