transport help

IM currently looking for a transport to match up to my audio logic dac. Budget is about 1200.oo. using a sonic frontier sfl2 preamp and pass x350 amp, any suggestions sincerely appreciated. How do the sony machines match up,seems theres quite a few on the market. thanks again
At that price, you might try a CEC TL-2 transport or perhaps its Parasound equivalent; if you could stretch your budget to afford a used CEC TL-1X, it might be worth it. CEC and Forsell transports seem to work very well with the Audio Logic. My Sony SACD player (SCD-777ES) also works fine with my Audio Logic when my Forsell acts up, but doesn't have the same analog-like soundstage and bloom as the Forsell.
Rcprince is right on I picked up at CEC TL-2X for that and it works great with my Audio Logic DAC.

Happy Listening.
Hi All:
I may as well chime in.....don't mean to be duplicitous, but Russel and Peter are telling it the way it is. In the budget range that you specify, the transport that should be in the top of your short list is the CEC TL2 or TL2x. IMO, if you can, use the ST-Optical digital connection. Jerry Ozment does recommend it. The Parasound CBD2000 is also a good candidate. If you search the archives, you will also find that there are members who like the Genesis Digital Lense with this transport/dac combo.