Trafomatic Audio Reference 300B monos

Has anyone heard the Trafomatic Audio products ? I am particularly interested in their reference monoblocks which are parallel 300B SETs. I am looking to replace my Wavac EC-300B with something more powerful. The Trafomatic reference mono looks like a very well designed amp with very good specs. I am looking for some listener's feedback on them.
Look like Chinese product but made in SERBIA ................
Looks vaguely like the a white Ayon Audio.
I don't have first hand experience with them. I suggest that you find reviews etc. on European web sites that have consumer reviews. You can get a sense of their real street value, avoid commercial sellers. I guess that is obvious, but it couldn't hurt too much to restate it.
Have you auditioned Pass Labs' XA30.8 yet Pani?
They are not chinese stuff. I have seen and heard a few of their products and they are very good. Sasa Cokic wounds his own transformers and is quite well known in the European audio industry. His iron is used by some well known European triode amp makers. I was only interested to hear about his reference monos. May be I should check out on the European forums.
6 Moons reviewed some products a few years ago. And Srajan even had a custom amp made.
Not yet F1a, but I have my eyes on it. The dealer near me doesnt have it for demo yet.
Yeah, quite the rave at Dagogo by a fellow WAVAC owner! Intriguing...
Have you auditioned Pass Labs' XA30.8 yet Pani?

f1a, I finally did get to listen to the x30.8 in my system. It is a very clean and controlled sound with very good dynamics. It does not sound like a 30 watter at all, in fact it sounds more like a 120 watt amp. Soundstage is typically American, deep and wide. Noise floor is very low. Overall a very balanced sound but! 2 things that disappointed me enough not to buy them:

1. It is tonally a bit dark. It is not studio neutral in tone and timbre so voices and strings have a bit of that dark chocolate flavor.

2. It is not quick. The tempo or pace (whatever you call it) is a bit slow.

I heard similar things with xa.5 amps and it was even darker and slower. So in that respect the xa.8 has improved. 
We call it  PRAT =Pace,Rate or Rhythm and Timing. You still haven’t heard your alternative 300b amp with the Trafomatics? Anyway if you want a bigger power triode consider different tubes. The most common one you will encounter is the 845, but the 211 usually wins the timbre contest. If you could afford a Wavac look at some of their other amps. What speakers do you currently have?
Hi mechans, I have tried the Tenor OTL 75 after that. It was amazing but was under powered for my speakers. I am now looking at the Zanden Model 6000.

I have looked at big tubes. 845 amps just doesnt cut it for me. 211 does but good amps using 211 are very expensive. 6c33c is another tube which is a very good candidate to be used as SETs though they are not directly heated. I will need 30 watts SET which is rare. I may contact Sasa Cokic at Trafomatic Audio to build me one if I persue it further.
They are hand made in Serbia by Sasa Cokic.
you have a review on 6 moon 
And Sasa is one of the nicest guys on this market.
I have Kalayvala mon,o block on loan for 2 months and
sent it back to him because I preferred Ocellia 300 B;
He's been absolutely nice and I bought from him a
headphones amplifier.