Totem Model 1 Signature vs The One

Is The One a significant improvement over the Model 1 Signature? Both have similar sized 5.5" drivers. In what ways are The One's superior to the Model 1 Signature? Is the difference huge? I listened to the Model 1s and found them to be pretty decent.

I think the difference is very small. I remember this journey and concluded with getting a larger amp with high current .

What about the Mani-2?

Pat Metheny guitar would be a bit more refined from the crossover.
Thanks for the heads up. The Mani 2 looks good but I'll need to upgrade my amps if I were to consider this one. Will keep the Mani 2 in the shortlist.

The One is far superior. Just remember, it won't be around long, unless of course you find it secondhand.
The Mani 2 is a totally different animal altogether. You are correct about amp matching--very critical.
I have Totem The One's on the end of a SuperNait. FWIW, I am very pleased. I have not heard the Model 1's in my system so I can't help you with the comparison
proac response 2 or D2.
Lapierre, Chashas1, Nieuwen, Jaybo, thanks for the advice.

I have come to a conclusion that although the Totem Model 1s are great sounding speakers, they are not the last word in refinement. They lack the finesse and are a little coarse/grainy in the upper mids and highs. Any idea whether The One will *significantly* improve upon the shortcomings of the Model 1s?

Jaybo, have you compared the Proac D2 with Model 1s or The One? If yes, what are your impressions between the two?

Hi Ryder,
The Ones will be quite a step up. You should hear the finesse you are looking for. Right room, right gear, speakers will disappear. And make a huge sound for their size, you'd think the cabinets were much much larger.

I thought you were a Harbeth man...what happened? just looking for a change?
Hi Chashas1,

Thanks for the response. Not changing speakers as the new one will be an addition. The Harbeth is great for most types of music that I listen to except for rock and dynamic music. The listening fatigue of the Model 1s is much higher than the Harbeth.
Hi Ryder,
I will say this, every Totem speaker I've heard is different. Sounds to me like the Model 1 is simply not for you. While you're looking, you should hear the One. Amazing speaker. If you closed your eyes you'd swear you were listening to be a big floorstander. They rock! and are very dynamic. And oddly, for you and I, they are voiced, at least the overall voicing in the mids, almost like the beloved Harbeths. As much as I love the 7's and 5's from Harbeth, I could easily live with the Ones.
Wish I could have them all!
Good luck.
(where you located?)