Amplifier Match For Paradigm Signature S8 & C5 V.3

Hi all!

I just started to upgrade my current Paradigm studio  system to contain all Paradigm Signature v.3 speakers.

I'm wondering if I should be running different amps to bring out the true potential of these speakers. I'm currently running triple Emotiva XPA-1 monoblocks to the front soundstage. 

Would switching to a different brand / style power amp make a noticeable different with my setup.

I have been happy with the Emotiva's for a few years now, its just I notice comments every once in a while saying people switched from Emotiva to another brand amplifier and now their speakers sound "so much better"  Who agrees with this?

P.S. I originally had my Anthem MCA-2 hooked up to my Studio 100's. Then I purchased a new Emotiva XPA-2 and did an A/B.  I thought the Emotiva sounded better than the Anthem in every way. The Monoblocks took it up another notch to.  


Current System.
Mains - Paradigm Studio 100 V.3's
Center - Paradigm SIGNATURE C5 V.3 (just replaced my CC-690 V.5 (for sale)
Rears - Paradigm ADP 450 V.3
Heights - Paradigm 65R PRO x 4
Subwoofers - Dual Paradigm Seismic 12's

Emotiva XPA-1 Monoblocks X 3 (One to each of the towers and center)
Anthem MCA-2 (powering the rear surrounds)
Emotiva BasX-700 (powering the heights)

Anthem AVM-60


Well you better hold on because it’s going be a long and expensive journey.  Once you start, it’s hard to stop. My journey started years ago. I had Paradigm Studio 5.1 matched setup with 100v1 fronts hooked up to a Denon 5800 receiver. First purchase was XPA2 and XPA3. They had excellent specs but most importantly they were affordable. Then shortly afterward, I purchased an Anthem D2. First impression was my setup sounded better..vocals had more presence, detailed, and overall more dynamic range.  However the more and longer I listen to them, just felt something was missing or not quite right to my ears. I wasn’t emotionally moved or connected by whatever music I played. I didn’t know why but I felt my system just sounded ok, really nothing to be wowed about.  It wasn’t until after a few months I found a demo Classe CA5200 at a very good price.  That amp mated to the Anthem D2 really made a big improvement to my system...I had warmth, musicality, and above all else had zero listerner’s fatigue with this setup.  I quickly sold both Emotiva amps.  Later on, I upgraded speakers to the entire Signature V3 line starting with the S8v3. To this day, I still have the amp, but relegated to my third system.  

If I were in your situation, I would first upgrade to the Signature S8v3 to go with your C5v3.  This will make a very big improvement.  Then if you want to experiment with different amps without spending a whole lot, I would suggest Parasound Halo amps. I’ve had good experience with the A51 and A21, as well as the awesome JC1s monoblocks. I think they sound better than the Emotiva amps.  

krazystangAnthem, Classe' and Parasound are all sonic matches w/ Paradigm Signature series loudspeakers. I will second an upgrade to the S8 V.3 model.
Happy Listening!
Based on Stereophile’s measurements, Emotiva’s main fault in their amps is high levels of IMD in the treble.

Also going off Stereophile’s measurements, your speakers have a lot of energy in the top octave, so unless you are well past being a senior citizen, I would not do full toe-in with those.

Malek, those speakers were <$2500, so it doesn’t make sense to spend >$1000 on an amp to power them, you’d get a much larger benefit by getting new speakers (Ascend Acoustics Sierra Tower with RAAL is around $3000 shipped but are in my top picks for best tower speaker under $5000).  
Your subs go pretty low, but they aren’t neutral (peaks at 25Hz), going dual Rythmik F15HP’s (in 14Hz/Low Damping mode), would sound amazing.  But again, your current subs are more than ok.  
Do you have room treatment? If not, that would make a bigger difference than any amp possibly could.
Thanks for the Replies so far guys!

I agree, I am and have been on the look out for some Signature S8 V.3's for a while now, as I feel that would be the biggest noticeable upgrade to my current system.

New speakers are also an option down the line, but currently I want to test the Signature series from Paradigm out.

As far as room treatment, I do not. System is located in a 20' x 24' room with 9 ft ceilings. Room is open to the kitchen also (just blocked by a half wall).

I actually ran Anthem's ARC room correction immediately after purchasing my new Anthem AVM-60 processor. I honestly was not impressed and am currently running my system WITHOUT the Arc file. I went the oldschool radio shack DB meter and feel it netted better results. Not sure why , I believe i did everything correct.

Any ideas on initial room treatment ideas?

Also, thoughts on the Parasound A31 to run my front soundstage avhifidelity?

Have you heard the Anthem Statement P2 with Paradigm Sigs ? Pretty great combo . It is a guaranteed fit . Every Paradigm dealer would have used this combo to demonstrate the sigs .

I have not Maplegrovemusic. I'm only familiar with the Anthem MCA series.

However, the P2 would run the towers, but what would i get for the center channel?  Or would I have to get the P5?
@krazystang you might want to see first if you like the Parasound with your setup before committing.  I periodically see a number of used A21 for sale at around $1500, not so much the A31.  If you buy and like it, you can then get the A31 to power the center and surrounds, or move the A21 to power the surrounds. If you don’t like it, it shouldn’t be difficult to sell it and recoup the money.  The Anthem P2/P5 are great too, used to own the P2. However, I think the Parasound amps are great value. I myself wouldn’t mind owning them again. 
Thats a great idea! Start with the 21 and then grab a 31 to complete the 5 channels.  A used mint A31 just sold today for 1850.
GIK and Acoustimac are two good room treatment companies. Both offer advise on how much you should get and where to place them (but of course they want you to spend more).

Or, go to Lowe’s or Home Depot, buy some Roxul Safe N’ Sound, put it in a wooden frame (that you also buy there), then wrap it in a breathable fabric (go to a crafts store).

Quick and dirty (and wrong Roxul product):

More in-depth and cleaner:

First reflections are the main problems. You can calculate it mathematically, but easiest way it to get a non-magnified band mirror, sit down in the seating position and have someone else run the mirror along the side walls until you can see the tweeter/woofers in the reflection, that’s your first reflection points.