Topic: Denon DVD-2900 vibrates

Calling on all Denon DVD-2900 owners/past owners.

I picked up one of those units on the weekend and much to my surprise the player vibrates during SACD and DVD playback. The vibrations do not occur during regular CD's playback. Has anyone else experienced vibrations on their machines? Is there a solution to this problem? The player is in mint condition otherwise.
Any advise or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
The vibration you experience is a known issue with the Denon 2900 players. I owned one, and it vibrated just as you describe. To my knowledge, there is no fix. On the other hand, the vibration doesn't affect playback.
My 2900 usually only vibrates when reading a new disc. It does vibrate sometimes, but never during playback so it does not bother me. Most times it is inaudible during all playback.
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This has worked for me on a number of machines, even when there is no discernible vibration of a CD player, or CD transport, so should be interesting for you to hear what you think.
Vibration doesn't destroy playback but I certainly wouldn't bet that it doesn't affect sound. I used to own a Denon DVD-2900 and it would vibrate with any disc that is drilled slightly eccentrically, it wasn't specific to format. I'd suggest checking your discs to see whether this is also true for you. There are cutting devices to correct discs if so.
Quote-The vibration you experience is a known issue with the Denon 2900 players-end quote

If this is a known issue with the 2900 how come it was never addressed by Denon? I find it very hard to believe that the vibrations have no effect on the sound. I also find it hard to believe that a $1000 (in 2003) dvd player would vibrate at all!
Perhaps the vibration does affect the sound. I couldn't say I noticed it though.

Why is there no fix? I don't know. Perhaps Denon didn't think it was pervasive enough to address. I remember reading several online user experiences with vibrating Denon 2900 players...especially on SACD/DVD-A discs.

If it bothers you, then consider another player. The Denon 3910 model is excellent, and it doesn't vibrate.
Dump it!
I went through this problem with a Yamaha S1500. There is no fix. Some Denon and Yamaha models had this problem. The companies won't own up to it.
Get a Pioneer Elite. Rock solid steady universal transport. I believe Ayre uses them in their players.