Esoteric SA-60 "vibrates with some disks"?

Have a SA-60 bought used here on audiogon over year ago. I'm very happy with the sound quality. I'm wondering if any other owners have noticed transport vibrating from certain disks. Maybe 6 or so out of the hundreds I've played cause an audible, tangible vibration from the first track, which is quite loud on some, then dissipates as the speed drops, as the read beam progresses inward. I contacted a tech at esoteric about this when I first got the player. Was told bascially,"well don't play those disks, or make a cd r copy", which I have done. They don't vibrate. I even invested in the Auto Desk Systeme beveler device. Did not help the couple of disks I've tried. I'm beginning to think it is a balance problem like an out of balance auto wheel. Now there is a notion for a new tweak, a cd balancing system! Anybody else with an SA-60 notice this? Thanks.
Japanese Cds don't vibrate because of a strict quality control.I had to replace all US Verve CDs with Japanese because they not only vibrated but made grinding sound.