CD drive vibrates on some disks

I'am loading all my CD's to an external HD using an external disk drive to my laptop. On some CD's the drive will grind and shake. Any idea how to avoid this? Is the hole off center on the CD? Will it affect the loading at all? Sometimes it seems as if the drive will shake itself to pieces.
Thanks in advance,
Probably offcenter or some disc imperfection.

Sometimes you can limit vibes by applying pressure with your hands. Try that while ripping. Limiting vibes may help rips go faster. Rip it once as best as possible and be done with it.

Ifit happens regularly with a lot of cds could be a problem with the drive.
How do they perform in other CD players? I would first suspect the external drive has an issue, since it was probably designed for data, they manufacturer probably wasn't too concerned about drive balance.Also you may try reloading the disc and try to rotate 180degrees when you place it in the drive tray.
Most of them are smooth as silk. I dont believe its the drive. If I take the CD out and flip it around say 90 degrees or 180 the same thing happens. Next disk, A-OK. Kinda weird actually. I do notice the unbalanced disks take longer to upload while the error correction does double duty.
Your CD is probably out of round. The best fix would be to run it through an Audio Desk CD cutter - - which is basically a lathe for CD's DVD's. Works like a charm for me.