Hammond transformer vibrates......ALOT

I have just built a 2A3 amp but the power transformer vibrates like crazy....Anyone got any idea's about that....It doesn't run hot and the amp works great but it sure vibrates....
Yep.....place a piece of 1/4" Microsorb under the trannie and it will eliminate the vibration and lower the mechanical noise within the trannie.

Sounds like a good party game to me!

You might also try lifting the transformer off the chassis and isolating it from the chassis using rubber feet or something similar. The problem is the transformer is also vibrating the chassis. You might also just replace the transformer because the winding is vibrating. If the transformer was 'potted' properly it would not be doing that.Hope that helps.

G. Garfield
Well I talked to Antique Radio Supply and they were no help at all...Since I bought it from them it would make since to me that they would help.....Forget that !! So I called Hammond about it and they told me it would fail and to send it to them and they would replace it....Mark Mercer at Hammond was a great help, I am still waiting for the transformer but he says it is on the way.....THANKS MARK