Top 10 epic audio items in my audio history.

I had my first serious audio system on 1978.

Garrard turntable, ADS bookself speaker, Fisher Integrated amp(SS).

The following is top 10 epic products that made me blown out.

1. Thiel speaker driven by Perreuax pre and power(200watts) on 1986
2. Apogee Duetta Sig speaker on 1989
3. Krell KSA 150 on1990
4. DCS Elgar Dac and CEC tl0x transport on 1998
5. Jadis 500 to drive B&W Notilus 800 on 1999
6. Silbatone SET amplifier with WE 300B made in 1940's on 2001
7. Lansche 4.1 speaker with plasma tweeter on 2007
8. Line Magnetic 508 SET on 2018
9. Stax 009s and Sr1a headphones on 2019
10. 1578 tube on 2020

1578 tube(6sn7 variant) makes my system full bodied with nice decay and with widest soundstage that I have had in my listening room.

It is a steal at 250$ that I had paid.

This was taken about 3 years ago. Except Lansche 4.1 speaker, Audio Note IC and SC cables, every major components had been replaced.
Thanks ebm for your kind word.

With 1578 tube (250$), it sounds so musical and dynamic, I like system.

Most people think it is crazy to include 250$ Nos tube in Epic things.