What items do you rarely ever see offered for sale

What items do you rarely ever see offered for sale? The stuffs that people buy and keep for long long time, regardless of financial or WAF difficulties. I'll cast my first vote: I have never seen a complete properly built and stained Edgar Horn Titans system offered for sale, maybe because there are very few made?
A Superman outfit that really works.
YBA Tube amps.
I say a Spectron model 10 pre. Few and far between......
Shun Mook Bella Voce speakers.
David Berning amps not very often. When they do, they go fast. Took me a long time to find one, and I paid more than typical for used gear. David can't make enough of them, and as he builds them himself, the quantity is low.

Cheers, Spencer
Nestorovic 5(or is it MK5, or something?) speakers from the early 90's. At least I haven't seen any.
well, Electronluv, for one.

Stax X1t Dac, their DMA-600 amps, or their larger panel speakers (ELS-8x, ELS-4x, etc.)

Western electric 284D tubes. Or Taylor 845s.

Sennheiser Orpheus.

Sony's huge electrostatic speakers.

I've seen edgarhorn stuff change hands (I bought some of his horns, used, from 2 different people...not here on Agon though)... not sure if a fully built titan system has come up for sale yet. Likely it will eventually.

Any speakers by Alon.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA

Male thongs
Liquid Nitrogen-cooled speaker cables.

"The Perch".

Florida's presidential electorate vote.

Life insurance policies for Bin-Laden.

Man, you left that one wide open didn't you!?

I thought this is AGon and we limit our discussions to audio equipment only please.
pt999 - Lighten up. We also have a little fun at times.
Headroom's headphone amps, Totem Mani-2(Signatures) , Clear Audio & VPI turntables and Kimber Kables's Black Pearls.
Everything discussed here IS about audio. It's just some of it is discussed with a sense of humor. Try it, you may like it. :-)
Marco- re: Florida- Once every 4 years or so, IIRC. ;~)
Being a big Shahinian loudspeaker fan, I look for them regularly on this site. A used pair of Diapasons shows up about once a year. A used pair of Hawks even less frequently and the contrabombarde subwoofer just once in a blue moon. It would be interesting to develop a database that tracks used equipment sales in proportion to units sold. Then we would have a statistic with some meaning.
Holzhauer - I'm sure the AudioGon entity has these statistics. I'm just not sure if they're willing to unlease such priviledged information!

If needed, I'm willing to write the programs to extract it.
Atma-sphere M-60 (any series) monoblocks!
Bose ..Amen.
Time travel machines and anti-gravity devices.
Even if you don't see now nitrogene cooled speaker cables you should realy stay tuned for ones to follow...

I don't often see Nordost amps/preamps and Mac speaker/interconnect cables.
Working, perpetual motion machines
Stax Headphones
Naim Aro tonearm
Naim Armageddon
EAD powermaster amp.
Electrocompaniet AW-75 75wpc 8ohm, 146wpc 4ohm, 280wpc? 2ohm and can dip to 1 ohm.
It idles at 60 ampules and peaks in the high 80's.
Drives my Thiel 3.5's with ease.
I have seen 3 for sale in the last 5 years.
2 on European eBay and 1 here on agon which I snatched up.
Duo mono-toroidal trannies and the high current make this sound like a Pass Aleph on steroids!
Cliffhanger Bulldog speakers.
Rockport turntables and Vendetta Research phono stages, for starters :-)

Audio Prism Mantissa preamp
Audio Innovations phono stages
Audio General pre
Electrocompaniet pre
Maggie Tympani
Dunlavy and Duntech speakers
Stax phones
Bose and B&O...along with most of the brands that you can find from Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.
Vandersteen 5s - seems that those that buy 'em, keep 'em!!
Vintage Janszen Electrostats. Several versions of the 130's. My Dad has them mounted in his vintage KLH model-1 bass cabinets.. Really nice and very much ahead of their time! Any one ever heard them or have/had them??
Nu-Vista 300 power amp. Michael Fremer's reference amp. Or it was at one time.
Some items are just plain rare, like my SAP speakers, so they are not many to be resold even if everyone was trying to dump them (mine is a definite keeper). Other rare items not commonly seen include AHT phono stages, Sao Win cartridges, connoisseur and CTC linestages.

For not so rare items, I would say the lack of Shahinian speakers on the market reflect satisfaction by their owners.
Burhoe speakers..
Supratek,rarely seen
Audio Note (Kondo) Shinri and Kassai amplifiers.