Tonearm Upgrade for Miyajima 'Zero' Mono Cartridge

Hi Goner's!
I could seriously use some advice about mounting a Rega Tonearm to a Thorens project that is currently on the drawing table. I'm building a hard walnut plinth for a TD145 with an MDF underside. I'll probably add Herbies ISO ball feet and a carbon fibre mat to the platter. These things are easy enough for me as I ran a metal and wood shop in the local design and architecture college. What I need help with is the replacing of the stock Thorens tonearm with something more in line with a Miyajima 'Zero' mono cartridge. My thoughts have shifted from a Clearaudio 'Satisfy' to an SME to a Rega rb300 or rb1000.
I'm not sure if this is also worth mentioning but I have only early mono platters to spin and my phono stage is the ASR Mini Basis Exclusive. When I look at the various ways to allocate my funds, I figure that putting money into upgrading the cartridge is my main goal however it all adds up in the end (that includes an effective record cleaner)!
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Hello G. Better late than never?

I am using a Zero with a Trans-Fi Terminator, with the latest fixed head arm wand. I also use 4 x 1.5g weights and 2 x 4.4g weights, which I had machined from brass rod to fit the holes in the arm wand. Vic (of Trans-Fi) made me a 28g counterweight, which is just right for the Zero and the added wand weights.

Right now I am listening to the Easter Mass (Series B, Archiv), and it is just superb. It's very close to my experience of Chant in a 13th C stone abbey.

Just one man's thoughts - your mileage etc.
A Schick sounds like the obvious choice if you have room for a 12" arm.
Hello again, G. Another thought - ultrasonic cleaning.

After reading many DIY posts, I built a platform for a rotating spindle which cleans 4 records at a time. I am using an industrial grade ultrasonic machine, an Elmasonic (German), which can clean at 80KHz. That is important because higher frequencies mean tinier crevasses (like record grooves) are thoroughly cleaned. The industrial quality is also nice because you can run it continuously for hours and hours, and then too, there is the joy of operating a superior piece of equipment.

Sonic results are excellent, quite obviously so, equal to a major component upgrade. ALL of my records have been previously cleaned with a 16.5, yet I usually change fluids at the 48 record mark because of the accumulated gunk.

In addition to sonic improvements, I can't help but think that stylus wear should be dramatically reduced. Your Zero merits that much!