Tonearm Rewiring

I recall someone listing a tonearm rewiring service in the United States some time ago. Can't find it in a search. Anyone remember?
These guys have a great rep:

but I've run across others. SME does a great job on their products, and I think there are some Rega specialists.
Check under Cardas. There is an add for tonearm rewiring service. I do not know anything about them.

A hearty second for Brit Audio. Not only reasonable, but FAST.
Expressimo Audio in California. Great job, very reliable, very fast. 707-445-4660 or
Try it yourself,use scrap wire for practice which is included
in the kit from Brit Audio.
Expressimo? I had heqard they were out of business. No?
My dealer had my old Rega RB300 arm rewired with cardas wire and clips but I think he shipped to England and had Rega do it, this was back around 1993 or so.
Brit Audio. Can find right here on A'Gon. Did mine and did wonderful job, super fast.
I second ( or third) the recommendation of Brit Audio - VERY good work, reasonable prices, and very knowledgable on the subject of analog. I feel very comfortable referring friends to Michael at Brit because I know they will be pleased with the speed, honesty, and quality of his service.
I need to have my Musical Life Fortissimo Mk II Tonearm re-wired any recommendations for people in the US that I could send it to?