Rewiring 220v to 120v

I'm wanting to buy a table with a motor that runs at 220v. Is it possible to rewire it or have someone rewire it to function in us voltages?
If it is an AC synchronizes motor, you also need to worry about the Hz. Most 220V regions use 50Hz, while 110V regions use 60Hz. If it is a belt drive TT, you may need to change the motor pulley as well!
If you list the make and model of your TT someone may better offer the information you're seeking.
Not all motors can do both voltages. A small travel power transformer might be the answer depending on motor size.
Hmmm. Thanks for the answers. Does anyone know about this specific motor?
Have you checked with Clearaudio?
Clearaudio max reference using 3 AC synchronous motors, and come with a Clearaudio Accurate Power Generator "APG"