To all the IRS Beta owners....


You can welcome me to the IRS Beta owners club. I just bought a pair and I'm very happy with them.

Now I want to now what are the possibility's to tweak these big boy's and where I can get a two "new" accelerometer for on the second woover in each tower ( counting of the top)
These parts are very diffecult to get over here.

Thanks for all the advice....

whoa, is "over here" not texas? if not, just where is your "here"? just remember: no matter where you go, there you are. -cfb
I'm from Amsterdam

I am coming to Amsterdam Dec 10 for a 3-cushion tournament,I do not know where to get your parts you need,but I will check some sources here in the US,and let you know,Bob
Hi Alex, I'm diver from Italy; My club is IRS V club; but have the same accelerometer system on woofer's towers; you can try to Infinity Systems inc. (but I think it isn't a good idea (interface problems with the first accelerometer..)
Let me know.
Bye, Remo
Hi Alex. I have owned the Betas for a few years and have been fine tuning them and my system to them. Tweak number 1 is to open the planar bases and find the four high voltage polarized capacitors and replace them with non polarized caps. I have the pdf schematics for the speakers which I can email you if you want.

Thanks for all you're reactions,If you now anything more about this speaker system let me now.


I want to put on the high/mids panels a Cello Performance amp anybody have some advice on this amp and combination??

thanks Alex
The Betas were built with tube amps (Audio Research M300's to be precise), but I have not heard the Cello's. Try the Cellos, but you should also try big tube amps as well if you can. also check out for thoughts on room requirements, etc, for these speakers. Have fun. Tony
I've just replaced accelerometers and woofers. Contact the following: They were very responsive and shipped promptly
Hi Robert,

that e-mail adress bounced for me...are you sure its the right one..??

That's the correct e-mail address: Let me know if you continue to have problems. I'll try e-mailing for you. Or you could try the following:

You can order the part in 3 ways:

1. by fax to Fax # 516-682-3561.

2. By mail to:

The Harman Consumer Group
250 Crossways Park Drive
Woodbury, New York, 11797