Tidal on Oppo 105

I've been using an EVS modded OPPO BDP105 for the past two years as my system DAC.   Mainly playing saved wav and flac files on a solid state hard drive I have connected to it as well as playing music from Tidal which I stream through the Oppo.    Using the Oppo App on my I pad the whole arrangement works really well.   I am able to switch back and forth between my saved music and Tidal with ease.

I have the upgrade bug again, however, and am starting to look for a new DAC.    My question is would it be worth it to spend some serious money on a dedicated Digital Player(Bryston BDP or on of the Aurender products) or just use that money on the DAC itself -- Outputing from my OPPO to the DAC.  Would love to stay under $5k if possible.

Any thoughts are much appreciated. 
Hi Rshad!

Finding a user interface you like is GOLD. Never let it out of your hands. So if you are really happy with the Oppo app and sources, stick with it.

As for looking for a new DAC, USB 2.0 is your ultimate friend. :)

The 105 (unlike the 103) has USB output, giving you great jitter performance with any USB 2.0 capable DAC that is driverless for Mac and Linux.  This includes almost all modern DAC's, but some of the earliest models, like the ARC DAC 8 would not work.

Totally worth it. :)  The SPDIF connections where more "meh" in my opinion.

It can also output DSD, but I'm not sure about the details. It may only be via HDMI.



If you like Ric's work, you may be interested in his mod'd Gustard X20 DAC. Would come in way below your budget. If you haven't yet, take a look at his website and see if it is something that might interest you. I don't own one, but I would consider it if I were in the market for a do everything DAC.

EVS website - tweakaudio.com
I should have rephrased that. :)  I forgot, not all DAC's do USB as well. They mostly do, and mostly sound much better via USB 2.0 but there's the occasional misfire. :)


Thanks for the input everyone!
I have both the 105 and the Mytek Manhatten.  Since adding the Mytek the Oppo has mainly become a transport.  The Mytek Brooklyn is cheaper and does MQA, if you care.  Tidal is supposed to be adding MQA files.

Two questions.  How did you hook up the Mytek to the Oppo?

And.... are you playing DSD over that connection?