Tidal contriva se vs Hansen The Prince V2

Greetings to all.
Should I change my current speakers.
Who among you had the chance to listen to?
You can post your impressions.

Thank you PS I apologize for my ugly English.
Which would sum up to one of the worst speakers around. May I ask where you heard this catastrophe? Also, could you tell us what speaker you would consider realistic for orchestral music and piano?
clavil...your findings are the polar opposite of mine...i have contriva diacera-se speakers and use all argento cabling..smr i/c and speaker cables and flow master reference and flow pcs and classical music through the speakers is unpresedented to my ears and i have heard many of the best speakers....my guess is the problem is with the cabling or eslewhere but not the tidals...
I agree with Calloway that Argento will change your perspective, but if you really want to hear them at there fullest capabilities look at the Tripoint Troy/Spartan products. Many Tidal owners know this is the best combination possible to bring them to full potential.
it could of course be something else than the loudspeakers, but
-NBS omega extreme 1 are very neutral and fast and surely not giving some undesired coloration
-Vac pre & amp are used by Alon Wolf for the final development of his magicos, so they should also be very neutral
-the MSB Platinum DAC IV with Denon?

Avalon Indra (or Isis or Sentinel) are making a magnificient job on classical music either with solid state or tube, but they are not totally exempt of coloration, in effect there is an Avalon sound but which could be compared to the sound of a specific concert hall and not of some bad sintheziser ;-)

I found also Magico Mini II to make an excellent job, but of course missing some bass for a big symphonic piece
Well, no explanation in sight, then. It's interesting you mention Magico, speakers that I agree have their merits but I fail to grasp the hype around (especially something like Q5, now there's a speaker I would have to call a bad synthesizer from what I heard so far in a big bucks show environment).

On the other hand, I absolutely admire Avalon and not just for classical music. If I have to think of two others I like that seem voiced for classical, then Brodmann and Shahinian leap to my mind, where would those rank in your auditory world, then?

Anyway, a large part of the music I hear is actually piano (jazz as well as classical) and much of my decision in favour of the Contriva is actually based on exactly that kind of music. Call me stone-deaf if you want, but I still stick to that judgement. Again, though, I'd be interested to know where you heard that system? At your home, a dealer's, a show?

Something else I wanted to ask you in respect of your previous posting. Why would you say Contriva may be a speaker for audiophiles if it cannot render classical music at all?