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shunyata research vs audience adept
If you can afford it and want the best the Tripoint Audio ORION and SPARTAN are the best. The Synergistic Research Tesla Powercell 10SE is child's play in comparison. 
Power cords, AC line conditioners---preferences?
There is only three choices for me if you don't want to add artifacts and compression to your music. Tripoint Audio SPARTAN, ORION, TROY. 
Plugging Amp into Power Conditioner???
Tripoint Spartan is the only line conditioner that I've heard that has unlimited dynamics with no compression. 
Tripoint Spartan
I agree with Rtn1. Nothing I've heard is so pure and natural. 
Best Line Conditioner
Tripoint Spartan, nothing else even comes close. 
Tidal contriva se vs Hansen The Prince V2
I agree with Calloway that Argento will change your perspective, but if you really want to hear them at there fullest capabilities look at the Tripoint Troy/Spartan products. Many Tidal owners know this is the best combination possible to bring th... 
World's BEST ac outlets.......Maestro outlets
Totally agree with Hifisoundguy and Phillyb. The Maestro outlet is the most accurate outlet I've heard to date. I've owned Jena Labs, Porter Ports, Teslaplex, Oyaide R1,FIM880, Wattgate, Isoclean. I strongly recommend you should try these MAESTRO ... 
How important is EMI and RFI rejection?
I compared the Ground Zero model#501 to the Tripoint Apollo. The ground zero effect is subtle at best, better focus with more stable images in the soundfield, but didn't compare with Tripoints expansive soundstage and added body to the music. Trip... 
Experiences with Tripoint Audio Apollo
My experience with Tripoint Apollo mirrors yours.Further improvements were optained .by grounding the unit to my 3 dedicated grounding rods outside my home.It was hard to believe that Tripoint was able to lower my noise floor even more.After 200 h... 
Virtual dynamics Master powercords
Rocc,Rick is a great guy.I traded my Nite powercord and got great value towards the master powercords.I want to give you an update on the last master powercord that I had burning in on the refridgerator.This one surprised me the most.I took out th... 
Plasma Aftermarket Power Cord
Seek,big mistake not paying extra for the HDTV.Do you know that what you bought is a lower resolution tv.To spend all that money on a tv that is not a hdtv is a waste of money.You say you dont see a difference but when you put a hd program you hav... 
Where to find powercord adapter.
Thanks guys,I was able to find them at VHAudio 
Magnapan 1.6 and 65 inch tv
I will say you are correct about placement,this is why I was asking the question 
Magnapan 1.6 and 65 inch tv
I think your wrong Ozzie,I happen to have a Plinius 9200 integrated amp that lets you loop a processor and I get the goods in both worlds,music and ht.Plinius 9200Denon 3910birdland audio ag dacAlon 2 speakersLexicon Processor 
Plinius 9200 Driving Magnepan 3.6Rs
RFstock,I wanted to know what was the sound quality of the Plinius and the 1.6