Best integrated Amp for Hansen Prince V2

Hi all,

I've bought a pair of Hansen Prince V2 for my living room. I don't want to have a huge set-up as I have a dedicated listening room as well.

I'm looking for "the best" integrated amp I could use with the Hansen Prince V2 The 3 amps that come to mind are the Dartzeel CTH8550, the Vitus SIA-025 or perhaps the Boulder 865.

Has anyone experience with these amps and which has the best synergy with the Hansen? Any other suggestions for good amps?

Appreciate your feedback.
Neodio NR600 Signature, it replaced some very expensive seperates.
what about
ayon pure class A
Hifi, I would think the Vitus SIA-025 would be appreciably the best out of the 3 integrateds you mentioned. Paired with a Vitus front end, it is the most mellifluous and analogue sounding amp i've ever heard. Just a lovely sounding amp. The Gryphon Diablo is also worth an audition if you can don't need more than one balanced input & can find a Dealer in your area. Similar price point to the 865, but has a lot more power. Your budget might be the deciding factor.
I use Burmester 032 too.
IMO the Hansens need tubes somewhere in the chain. I would look for an integrated that has that hybrid thing going on.
I have had the Dartzeel CTH8550, Boulder 865 and the Vitus SIA-025. In fact have both the Boulder and Vitus at the moment.
I found the Dartzeel to have the sweetest sound but lacked the ultimate dynamics I expected and was used to with my CJ pre and power combo. The Boulder has dynamics in spades. Its the most neutral of all the three amps and has plenty of attack and drive. Lovely sound with warmish sounding speakers I have found. The Vitus, as Melbguy1 states, would be my pick for a sound that is liquad in the midrange, very dynamic and has bass to die for. It is noticeably warmer than the other two amps.

Synergy is the key though which I cannot comment on really, having never heard Hansen speakers.
The Hansens are truly and ultimately transparent. So whatever character the amp and source components have will be heard through them. So select with care on what you can live with on a daily basis, rather than what is the cleanest sounding, which might make a WOW first impression but become headache inducing over time.