Tidal app vs Roon. Wich one sounds better?

Hello guys,
As a restless audiophile I'm always looking for the way to improve the sound of my system, wich I have to say, its a pretty nice sounding and revealing one, at least for what I know.

I listen to my music streaming with Tidal app on my Notebook (Intel i5 and Windows 10) vía USB to a Wyred4Sound USB Reclocker and then via USB to my DAC (Audio-GD R8).

I've read on some places that Roon Player sounds better than the Tidal app and I´ve also read the opposite.

I know there is a free trial period for Roon and the most precise way to know it should be to try it, but I also don't want to install software on my PC just to try it with out knowing other usser's experiences first.

I also have to say that I use Dirac Room Correction and Dirac Stereo Proceesor, wich I consider very good and want to keep on using, so Roon-Dirac compatibility is a must.

Have anyone compared Roon Player vs Tidal App sound quality (I don't care about other features of the software)? 

Please I would like answers only by those who have compared both of them only with PC streaming, not with other devices like dedicated streamers, etc.

I also have to say that I'm not into tech issues, so the simpler the answer, the better.

Sorry for my english, I'm from Argentina. Than you!!!

Tidal' app is lame compared to the Roon experience.

Also Roon does so much more:

1: You can stream and control music throughout your house Roon talks to Googlechromcast devices and Airplay.

2: You can upconvert a digital stream to a higher quality up sampled one which often sounds way better depending on the dac.

3: Roon can also catalog and access storred music and integrate that into one seemless streaming experience.

You can use a free Roon trial as well.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

You can upconvert a digital stream to a higher quality up sampled one which often sounds way better depending on the dac.

Can you give us some examples of DACs you've used where Roon sounds way better than the Tidal app?  That alone would be enough for me start a free trial.  I'm curious if others here can also attest to this improvement.
The issue is the upconversion and transcodding to DSD you can't do that with the Tidal app, most dac's will sound better with an upsampled file. 

You can clearly hear more sense of space and air with the up sampled file and considering you can get a free trial of Roon what do you have to lose.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

I tried the free trial over the weekend and I've already cancelled.  I could hear no overall improvement in sound (it didn't sound worse)  But I didn't feel like for my use and interests I was getting much value from the Roon platform and perhaps it was adding layers of signal disruption (I'm not knowledgeable enough to really have an opinion on that but simpler seems cleaner to me).  In many ways I preferred the simplicity of Auralic's free Lightning DS app for my Vega G1.  I like that there is no core, computer, and wireless transmissions in the way between stream and my DAC.  I use a Wireworld CAT8 ethernet plugged directly into the Vega and I like that the iOS-based app lets you see the streaming rate in real time.  Roon doesn't show this, only the tortuous path that the signal is being routed through and the ideal quality rate.  It's kind of cool being able to drill into bios and concert dates but this is all free info you can find on your own and I just don't need it in a paid platform.  It was worth a try and perhaps I will try again at a later date and if my interests change.

Hello guys,
I've just found out that Audinirvana since this year has a Windows 10 version and they are working right now to make it compatible with Dirac Audio Processor.
As I understand that Audinirvana should sound better than Roon, I will wait until they have their soft modified and I will try it.
I will post my impressions after trying it.