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My expert tips on building a sensible world class audio system.
A home theater setup??? Gross dude.  Go to AVS Forum. 
what is more important ?
Yes but they are close to last on the list.   
Tekton Design MOAB
They’re beautiful.Dont be surprised if Tekton Design gets swallowed up by Apple now that Jony Ive left. 
Musicians in your living room vs. you in the recording hall?
I’m assuming the difference is one system provides all the sonic cues of the recording space and with proper setup of your speakers attempts to recreate that venue.The other setup pushes sounds more forward, with greater presence and intimacy but ... 
The Absolute Sound "review" of USB cable reads suspiciously like a press releaste
Just thought of another:I upsample all of my PCM content to DSD 512.Is the data recovery fast enough to handle a poor signal with that much data coming through?  
The Absolute Sound "review" of USB cable reads suspiciously like a press releaste
@wynpalmer4  Two questions:1.  Can a 1 be mistaken for a 0 at the usb receiver if the waveform is degraded enough?  2.  If the DAC is receiving a degraded waveform and the data recovery circuitry is working hard to sort through it, does this circu... 
The Absolute Sound "review" of USB cable reads suspiciously like a press releaste
People who envision actual 1’s and 0’s traveling down their USB cable genuinely crack me up.They will then accuse YOU of magical thinking and fairy dust arguments.  Oh the irony. 
Rogue Audio vs Vincent Audio
Martin Logan Motion 40’s impart a LOT of their own sound signature into the mix.  They had a very forward “presence” region with a big midrange suckout.  I owned some previously.My point is, they aren’t the easiest speakers to really suss out ampl... 
The best speaker for a small room...at any price point.
Sonus Faber Guarneri in a vintage of your choosing. 
Buy a $40,000 used DAC for $4,000 or a new one for the same amount?
I’d take a T+A DAC8 DSD over the old DAC no question.  The majority of that $40k you paid for back then was R&D that’s been surpassed. 
Are Martin Logan’s what they used to be?
They’re still bad with rock music and lack the coherence of better traditional cone and dome speakers. 
Focal Sopra 2's vs Titron GoldenEar Reference speakers
The Sopra 2’s aren’t bright; that would be your crappy electronics and poor setup.   
Windows in a listening room
I’d rather listen in a normal room with light and windows that is comfortable vs. an audio dungeon any day of the week. 
Computer to DAC Streamer
Go over to Computer Audiophile.  A lot of people here have no idea how this stuff even works, as evidenced by the comments so far.  Laughable to me that people would assume the junk network streamer thrown into a Directstream DAC is better than an... 
Anything wrong with PS Audio DirectStream DACs?
A do-it-all FPGA or chip in a DAC is far from "ideal" in my opinion for several reasons:First, they are resource constrained compared to the processing even a modest and cheap PC (that is leveraging economies of scale) can do.  You can get far mor...