Thoughts on Spectral Audio gear

Anyone have any opinions on Spectral Audio gear? Good? Great? Bad? Seems like they use a strange design. Wide bandwidth with susceptibility to RF so you have to use MIT cables to filter it. 
I auditioned Spectral gear some years ago with Wilson speakers. I found it to be so clean and sterile that it did not sound real. To me, it was really unengaging.
Goodwin 's HiEnd in Waltham mass is a Spectral dealer ... they are very knowledgeable,  they sell online too

Used to sell it, and have owned it since the mid eighties.  Sonic characteristics changed when Keith O Johnson took over design from Demian Martin and so did the complexity of the build and am not as familiar with the latest stuff.  Their is a look and sound (a sort of house sonics?) that has been I guess their hallmark.  I 'm not going to get into futile discussions of sonics but I love it.  It's some of the best equipment out their with when I sold it ,basically 100% reliabilty.  Only came back for upgrades.  They don't advertize and they don't have to; it sells itself.  I'll say this about its sonics, if you want detail, if you want to hear each table of patrons in a night club clapping and chatting at some live performance of jazz and hear that space between and around your speakers, maybe truncated to fit, Spectral can do that in ways I have never heard other equipment do.  Not saying other equipment can't, I just have never heard that kind of detail delivered the way that they do.  Reviews and opinions are a waste of time; a dead end with equipment like this.  You really want to listen to it and hear for your self.