Thorens TD-147 endless possibilities?

Hello Gentlemen,

I am the new owner of a Thorens TD-147 turntable. I was wondering in all your wisdoms, what the glass ceiling is likely to be with this turntable, upgrading arms and cartridges, mm vs mc, isolation, etc. What is worth doing, what is not, what would be like tricking out a 79 parisienne station wagon with those spinning 26" rims.
I know I may be jumping the gun a bit as the unit has not actually arrived yet, but I am always looking for new things to obsess and loose sleep over.....and learn about, which explains my venture into vinyl in the first place, but there is so much stuff out there in the analog realm, I would really appreciate any advice you may have gained over the years.

I am examining the record cleaning thing at the moment and getting burnout.

Thanks again.
great table...stock arm is nice as well(underrated)..track down a thorens outboard power suuply to replace the wall wart.....pick up an extra wand as well to allow you to have an easy switch on cartridges....any quality mm will works fine.
Thanks Jaybo, good idea on the extra arm. I was recommended a Sumiko blue point by the guy I got a replacement belt from. When you say " track down" can I assume most parts like the power supply and arm will have to bought used, off ebay, or are there new old stock sources available from dealer/suppliers?

table 'extras' pop up regularly on ebay...sometimes new old stock....lp gear had some extras at one time..they still may have some... the sumiko blue point or bp2 is a nice match. fire it up and give it a listen. i think you'll find it is a steal in today's marketplace.
Well I got it running, the cartridge it came with was shot, so I got a used Grado gold, quite a difference, no hum, but a tiny bit of sibilance. I read it could me a capacitance issue with the preamp. Waiting for a mint tractor, so did the best I could with free downloadable ones, but so far playing the same song on the Thorens, and then on the computer, the Thorens has the Macbook dac beat for detail. I think this can only get better.