Listening to full LPs vs virtually endless digital tracks.

Not to open up that analog or digital can of worms, a big difference is the enjoyment of listening to artist’s talent of creating a cohesive full album vs drilling down on seemingly endless tracks. IME I have mostly listened to full CDs one at time. I have only experienced a little bit of Pandora through my smart TV. Sure it is fun to start with a familiar artist and open up a plethora of related and new material. Pandora’s box? Vinyl vs that kind of Digital is clearly a very different way of listening. 
I've only heard about 20 albums that sound appealing in entireity in their original order.  I'd rather listen to them where I don't have a mandatory flip halfway through.  The rest are more enjoyable for me playing the best cuts shuffled.
Haven't listened to Pandora for 10 years.  It was too repetitive for me.
The stinkin' cable music channels are more varied.
The thing you can do amazingly fast with single track listens is discover new (to you) artists and music you might otherwise not.  Then you can jot them down and go back to look at the albums.  Also, to be honest 2/3rds of the time I listen to my system it's from the home office, not sitting in front of the speakers on the throne.

Would I love the luxury of living forever, and only hearing single albums at a time? Maybe. :)  But until that is possible, the current combination is good for me.
I still truly enjoy putting on an LP and listening to Side 1 and then Side 2. I put a CD on and listen to it from beginning to end.  I'll ring up an album on Qobuz that I don't have and let it unfold start to finish.
I love listening to vinyl from start to finish. I love variety. It doesn't have to be an either/or proposition.
Hooked me in with "Listening to full LPs" only to slam the door with "virtually endless digital" which would be the exact definition of hell were it not for, "virtually". At least with "virtually" one can always hope for an end to it at some point.

Pandora for those who know their history is aptly named. In modern times an idiom has grown from it meaning "Any source of great and unexpected troubles", or alternatively "A present which seems valuable but which in reality is a curse".
Due to time constraints I like listening to half of an LP or CD. Never individual tracks!
I listen to Classical and so usually it’s the whole album.  I have no desire to hear, say for example,  the second movement of Schubert Unfinished followed by the finale of Mozart Rondo Alla Turk  Piano Sonata, even though there are Classical Radio and Pandora like stations that do that sort of thing.  One of things that I don’t like about streaming is that when I import a CD the tracks are frequently out of order, a real annoyance in Classical.  So whether it is a whole album as an lp, CD, or streamed would then revert to the other vinyl v. digital issues.
  When I do listen to pop, it’s usually just one or two songs by the same Artist.  Here streaming is a real advantage, as what a pain it would be to change a physical media 5 minutes or so
did anyone invent a record player that plays one lp side then the other on the fly????
jjss49 -- I actually think I saw a record-flipping turntable at a hi-fi show in the...what was it...the 1960's?  The 1970's?