An Endless Journey.

I've been pursuing, listening, looking, toying, buying, selling 2 speakers stereo system since I was 11-12yrs old as my hobby. It's an endless journey with a lot lot enjoyments. Bottomless money-pit as well, I would said.
Then when I was 34, tired, broke and still no satisfaction, no end on the sight, I bought a Rega Planar 3, a Rotel RCD-855, a Naim Nait 1, a Rega Ela and I called it quit.
So happy I am for the next 30yrs, so much I enjoy the Music, the Instruments, the Soundstage, Clarity and whatever comes out from the system.
Now the Rega Ela lost their Tweeters. 
Should I spend $2-300 and find the Replacement  or just get rid of them?
Note: I still enjoy and love the sound of Rega Ela very much.
You are happy with your system and love your speakers, so yes get the tweeters replaced.
Does an 80ish speakers as Rega Ela stands the chance to compete with any speaker now days? 
Of course they both are very much in the same  Pricewise.
Rega was $1250 back in 80ish, probably would be around $1500-$1750 now?
Should I start my journey again, it itches inside out.
Get a pair of Quad 57's! They will work well with your Naim  Nait amp. Every audiophile should at some point own a pair or two!
90 db efficiency is +/- this or that, pretty efficient, at least not inefficient.

I might try to go less power, more affordable choices, even tubes, and pick an amp that can be used both Stereo now and as a mono-block to add power in the future if desired.
Check with Madisound to see if they have suitable replacement tweeters.

I think something like this might work...

But, best to check with them.

The original Rega tweeters were custom from Scanspeak which is not to say that Scanspeak did not eventually incorporate some of the design changes into a standard model.


Samadhana, a lot more than $1500. Try $4000. Unless you are game for a total rebuild without any assurance of what they will sound like in the end I think you are best served with a new set. They served you well.
The Tweeter is a Scan Speak unit, the woofer I am not sure about. It is a transmission line enclosure which effectively doubles the size of the woofer. So, you are looking essentially at a two way speaker with a 12" woofer. Transmission line speakers are rare. They are difficult to design and expensive to built. The only one available now that I know of is the Sander's Model 10 which is not going to be your cup of tea. 
I think you have a lot of listening to do!
What I am trying to ask is do you think a Rega Ela from 80ish can be sounded as good as a Speaker modern days?
Technology, Material, Tooling and so on...., of course both Speakers got to be in the same Price-range ( $1500 - $1750 maybe? ).
The 5,25" Woofers still sound ok after 30some years, only the Tweeters are loosing their Highs. Any idea why?
The Voice-coil breaking, the magnet loosing strength, the suspension dry and in-flexible?
Anyway, I think I will spend $200ish and get a pair of Tweeters from Scan-speak and use them in my Studio-room.
What a warm replies and suggestions on this Forum, Thank you all.     
Little information for all Rega Ela lovers, Hiquphon has OW1-92 ($260 a pair) replacement Tweeters for the original Scanspeak D2008-851100.
I might reach deeper into my pocket and go with Hyquphon. 
+1 what @jond says.

If YOU enjoy the sound then stick with a known entity and replace the tweeters
- getting a suitable replacement speaker can be a real headache

Regards - Steve
Since the tweeters are still functioning it is possible that the problem is crossover related. The capacitors in the crossover may be drying out while the tweeters might actually be OK.
Oo uh... it is very logical, simple thought that I just did not cross my mind.  I read, assumed and get the idea from Internet, many saying that Rega Ela Tweeters are famous of being tits-up after so many years.
My knowledge Electrical in general is not good, left alone about Crossover. Now what?
If a capacitor is failing it is probably an electrolytic type. You would need to replace it with the closest possible equivalent available today. It shouldn't be that difficult to find a replacement.
Well, gotta investigate how to get to the Crossover first, then  to look, check and identify what and which that I am not sure how.
Now its gonna be a project instead of just a pair of Tweeters replacement.
Wondering how much I could get for a pair of Rega Ela1 with weak, low or dead High frequency?
Dunno what to do now.
I pull both Tweeters out, open, take apart, check the Voice coil, the gap in the Magnet is very clean and no trace of Ferro-fluid.
Put everything back together and test, those Tweeters are sounded fine.
They are very much exactly sound like before I open them up.
I open them up suspecting they they are using Ferro-fluid, they are not. My Rega Ela is Mk1 and I bought it Brand-new from a Dealer.
The Bass/Mids Drivers are fine also, only Crossover that left.
Any suggestion to What, where, how or else to check, upgrade, replace or whatnot to those Rega Ela Crossover?