This is very timely...

I'm confident that opinions will vary quite a bit with what's written in this article.

Some familiar names are present in the comments section.
lyric was its own enemy, they deserve what they got

good shops in good areas with wealth that respect customers still do fine, as tough as conditions have been

covid has certainly given the industry a revival of sorts, which is good for all of us who are enthusiasts - businesses by and for enthusiasts always struggle more compared to other business run just to make a buck or please the shareholders

this being said, media churn, media bias, all driven by structural fragmentation and its own self serving financial incentives, is a real problem, and is a major contributor of many of the big problems in our world today, reaching far beyond hi fi

From  ozzy62,
"And it’s no surprise that Soundstage poo poos high sens. speakers and low watt tube amps. Look at some of the overpriced speakers needing arc welders to drive them that they constantly review." 

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Agree 100%

Nothing to see here
I can't look. Now THAT'S timely.
A couple of years ago, not more than four or five, I entered Lyric Audio as I have done with virtually every other similar store I have passed by in the world.

I did have to ring the bell. The man who opened asked if I needed help and I said I just wanted to see what they had and was surely not buying anything. He told me "Enjoy" or something to that effect. He left me alone to go around. I played music by myself. I went room by room, each one increasing in price of the components on display. After, I believe, four rooms, I thought I had seen it all and was leaving. That salesman told me that I had forgotten the last room with the best equipment they had and that I should check it. So I did. Some huge speakers, dCS stack and then some, etc. It sounded good, I admit.

Based on my experience that day, a place to recommend for no-pressure shopping.
They are because they are not telling the truth about new audio gear at all and how overpriced and low in value and sound quality that it is and has become.